Okay, what is RSS anyways?

stands for Really Simple Syndication. Now that we got that out of way, what the heck does "Really Simple Syndication" mean? I suppose you could think of RSS as a way for you to select specific topics and receive updated information just about the topics you select.

RSS is the next obvious extention of information on the internet. In the past if a website interested you, you could bookmark it in your web browser. This would of course require that you check back on the bookmark often to see if there is any new information.

Another possibility is that you could subscribe to an email newsletter which brings the information to your inbox. This of course means that you have to wait until the next issue comes out. The newsletter also is likely to contain information that doesn't interest you at all.

RRS allows you to select particular topics of interest from multiple websites and collate them into a single application that alerts you when new updates are available. There are numerous RRS reader applications available, and many are free of charge.

CD World's Email RSS Feed

Did you miss an e-Zine? Want in-store notifications? This is a RSS dedicated to our emailings that we send out. Click the link to open in your favorite RSS reader.


In an effort to provide our customers with a diverse set of online options we have added numerous RSS feeds to our online features. I encourage you to subscribe to one or more of our RSS feeds to supplement your use of our website and our weekly email newsletter.