We Want Your Used!

Skip's buys used CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl (we LOOOOOOVE buying vinyl!). Bring-in any and all combinations of your pre-loved media - our expert buyers are in-tune with the market for all genres and formats and will offer you the best deal for your trade!


What are we looking for? Pretty much anything! Some titles are extremely common and, as such, demand for them is low. Those titles won't be worth a whole lot, but a stack of them together might can still add-up. On the other hand, some titles may be worth considerably more due to their rarity, condition or popularity and our offer will be sure to reflect that.


Beyond the desirability of the title itself, the condition of the media as well as its packaging is extremely important in determining value: a piece with the disc and original packaging in mint or near-mint condition will be far more sought after and more valuable than the same title with even just a few visible scuffs or scratches on it. Even a highly collectible title will only have significant value if it still appears practically new; if its scratched, scuffed, marred or torn, it can lose virtually all of its value.


We sell our pre-owned products at fair, competitive prices so there-for we'll make you a fair, competitive offer when you bring us yours to sell. It wouldn't be prudent or fair to set expectations on the value of your collection here on the web-site but we do pledge to give you the best deal we can once we've had a chance to examine your trade. To sweeten the deal, we'll even offer you more on your trades when you choose to be reimbursed with store credit instead cash.