F.A.Q. -- Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Sell My Name/Email?

Absolutely not.   We make and send our weekly email newsletter in house and use a reputable service to send them for us.   We will never sell or lend your name, address, or any other information about you to anyone else.   We hate junk mail as much as you do.   We comply with all current spam laws.

Why Do You Need My First/Last Name To Signup?

We often have contest to enter to win items and of course there is the monthly $100 gift certificate prize.   We need first and last names associated with your email address so we know who won the items.   As stated above we never sell, lend, or give any of your information to anyone else.

How much email will you send to me?

Each Tuesday we send our weekly email newsletter which is fairly short and only takes a minute or two to read.   In addition to the weekly e-zine we also will send sale notifications to you which announce upcoming instore sales.   We have these sales maybe around 10 times a year so you shouldn't get flooded with emails from us at all.

How hard is it to unsubscribe if I don't like it?

In compliance with current spam laws we have a "manage your subscriptions" link at the bottom of each message we send you.   All you need to do is click this link and select the unsubscribe function and that is it.   If you have problems with unsubscribing you can always send an email to our in-house person that manages our list at cory@gotocdworld.com (Cory).

What type of special things will I get by signing up?

Well we are always adding new things to our emailer so you can expect things like special give-aways only for our ezine subscribers. We also offer early entry into the store for certain sales, we will give you early notification for these when they happen.

Each month we are now giving away a $100 CD World gift certificate to a person subscribed to our email list.   Everyone likes $100 right?

Who do I contact if I have a commment/question/complaint?

If you have suggestions for me on how I can improve our weekly e-Zine, please contact me. We created this email list for the benefit of our customers. If I can add your suggestion to the mailer, I certainly will.

If you need to contact the webmaster who designs the e-Zine and our website you email me at cory@gotocdworld.com.

Who is Intellicontact, and why are they listed in your messages?

We design our mailers in house, however we use a 3rd party service to send the messages due to the fact that it is a larger job that we can handle on our own.   Intellicontact is a service that simply takes the mailer we give them and sends them to the people we tell them to.   If you want to find out more about them you can visit their website at www.intellicontact.com.