Metal for your soul...

BLACK STAR RIDERSHEAVY FIREReleased Friday, February 03, 2017
Price: $12.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop

CODE ORANGEFOREVERReleased Friday, January 13, 2017
Price: $11.99 (sale priced)Metal / Goth

IRON REAGANCROSSOVER MINISTRY (DIG)Released Friday, February 03, 2017
Price: $12.99 (sale priced)Metal / Goth

KREATORGODS OF VIOLENCE (W/DVD) (DLX)Released Friday, January 27, 2017
Price: $14.99 (sale priced)Metal / Goth
Kreator likes to take their time between albums, and it pays off with some incredibly high quality metal. The new CD Gods of Violence is a fantastic thrash album, layered with varied tempos and a generous portion of melodic heavy metal. Their last release several years ago, Phantom Antichrist, was a scorcher, and while Gods of Violence retains that same basic approach with frequent bursts of high velocity, these songs are maybe a bit more thoughtful and diverse. Phantom was one of my favorite Kreator albums, and this one stands a good chance to earn the same praise. There's no question that it has an epic quality, which was an intentional move. Kreator fans should love it, as it's stuffed with classic Mille riffage, excellent drumming, impeccable songwriting, and a little bit of something for any metal fan.

LAMB OF GODTHE DUKE EPReleased Friday, November 18, 2016
Price: $5.99 (sale priced)Metal / Goth

OVERKILLGRINDING WHEELReleased Friday, February 10, 2017
Price: $10.99 (sale priced)Metal / Goth
The album is significantly different to the three previous ones, musically speaking. While these were more direct, raw and stronger in the riffing and overall explosion, The Grinding Wheel is actually very diverse, sludgy and heterogeneous in the songwriting and melody departments. The album starts in the same manner asWhite Devil Armory, though, with the head-crushing Green Mean Killing Machine, track that was already released as a lyric video a while ago. Characteristic of Overkills style, the song is a supernova of fast riffs allied with the right amount of groove, only to burst into one of the coolest bridges and choruses of recent years for the band. A great start, well worthy of their legacy. Follow-ups Goddamn Trouble and Our Finest Hour keep things in the neighborhood with similar construction and equally good amount of badassness. The first has that playful atmosphere + heavy leads combo so present in Overkills albums,

SEPULTURAMACHINE MESSIAHReleased Friday, January 13, 2017
Price: $10.99 (sale priced)Metal / Goth
Musically, 'Machine Messiah' is adventurous. Andreas Kisser spreads his main styles into a logical order where thrash, power metal, tribal, folk, jazz and even soul (thanks to a gorgeous clean intro sung by Derrick Green) flow systematically, befitting the album's theme. Green is drawing upon two decades fronting SEPULTURA, and his tenure has been valiant. Green remains one of the best growlers out there and he deserves more upbeat press than the general indifference he's weathered. He is (still) unnecessarily held accountable to his predecessor, who is long past this band, 'Roots' road revival notwithstanding.