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Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 6/18/2018
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11104825905  USED6/18/2018  Big Chill / O.S.T.Big Chill / O.S.T.$5.00
11104825925  USED6/18/2018  Big Guitars From TexasTrash Twang & Thunder$5.00
11104825355  USED6/18/2018  BROTHERS JOHNSONRIGHT ON TIME$5.00
11104824635  USED6/18/2018  Car Wash / O.S.T.Car Wash / O.S.T.$5.00
11104824825  USED6/18/2018  Charles RayTaek 10 With$5.00
11104825535  USED6/18/2018  Cheech & ChongLet's Make a Dope Deal$5.00
11104824615  USED6/18/2018  ChildrenChildren$5.00
11104824855  USED6/18/2018  ChopperChopper$5.00
11104826125  USED6/18/2018  Cline PatsyMiss Country Music$5.00
11104824725  USED6/18/2018  Cole LloydMainstream$5.00
11104825655  USED6/18/2018  Crosby Stills & NashCrosby Stills & Nash - Boat$5.00
11104824795  USED6/18/2018  EQUATORSHOT$5.00
11104824745  USED6/18/2018  FlockFlock$5.00
11104824755  USED6/18/2018  FlockFlock$5.00
11104825965  USED6/18/2018  FONDA JANEWorkout record$3.00
11104825845  USED6/18/2018  Gideon Turtle & Midnight Choir - EPGideon Turtle & Midnight Choir - EP$5.00
11104824885  USED6/18/2018  Gordon RobertBad Boy$5.00
11104824685  USED6/18/2018  Guthrie ArloAlice's Restaurant$5.00
11104825065  USED6/18/2018  Haggard MerleHigh on a HillTop$5.00
11104825455  USED6/18/2018  Hall & OatesPrivate Eyes$5.00
11104825045  USED6/18/2018  HAVENS RICHIEALARM CLOCK$5.00
11104825035  USED6/18/2018  Havens RichieConnecttion$5.00
11104825765  USED6/18/2018  Houston WhitneyWhitney Houston$5.00
11104824675  USED6/18/2018  human sexual responseIn a Roman Mood$5.00
11104825465  USED6/18/2018  Jackson JoeI'm the man$5.00
11104825275  USED6/18/2018  Jefferson AirplaneBark$5.00
11104825495  USED6/18/2018  Jesus Christ Superstar (1971) / O.B.C.Jesus Christ Superstar (1971) / O.B.C. (RMST)$5.00
11104825515  USED6/18/2018  Jesus Christ Superstar (1971) / O.B.C.Jesus Christ Superstar (1971) / O.B.C. (RMST)$5.00
11104825165  USED6/18/2018  K & J.J.Israeli (CTI)$5.00
11104825145  USED6/18/2018  KELLY PAUL & THE MESSENGERSGOSIP$5.00
11104825585  USED6/18/2018  KERNOCHAN SARAHHOUSE OF PAIN$5.00
11104825895  USED6/18/2018  Last Mile RamblersWhile They Last$5.00
11104825185  USED6/18/2018  MAHAL TAJMUSIC FUH YA (MUSICA PARA TU) (JPN)$5.00
11104825855  USED6/18/2018  Martha & the MuffinsThsi is the Ice Age - UK Pressing$5.00
11104825225  USED6/18/2018  MAYALL JOHNTEN YEARS ARE GONE (UK)$5.00
11104825795  USED6/18/2018  McCartney Paul / WingsBand On the Run$5.00
11104824805  USED6/18/2018  MFSBUNIVERSAL LOVE$5.00
11104825835  USED6/18/2018  Mike & The MechanicsMike & The Mechanics$5.00
11104825425  USED6/18/2018  Musselwhite CharlieLouisiana Fog$5.00
11104825305  USED6/18/2018  Nicks StevieBella Donna$5.00
11104825135  USED6/18/2018  NITE CITYNITE CITY$5.00
11104826025  USED6/18/2018  Ocean BillySuddenly$5.00
11104826055  USED6/18/2018  Orbison RoyGreatest Hits$3.00
11104824955  USED6/18/2018  Pierce WebbHideaway Heart$3.00
11104825955  USED6/18/2018  Robbins MartyGreatest Hits$3.00
11104825175  USED6/18/2018  Rollins SonnyPure Gold Jazz$5.00
11104824965  USED6/18/2018  RUSSELL LEONCARNEY$5.00
11104824975  USED6/18/2018  Russell LeonLife & Love$3.00
11104824915  USED6/18/2018  SantanaFestival$5.00
11104825055  USED6/18/2018  SantanaWelcome$5.00
11104824785  USED6/18/2018  Schneider FredThe Shake Society$5.00
11104824875  USED6/18/2018  Seger BobStranger in Town$5.00
11104825315  USED6/18/2018  Seger BobStranger in Town$5.00
11104825785  USED6/18/2018  Starr RingoRingo$5.00
11104825255  USED6/18/2018  StyxCornerstone$5.00
11104824695  USED6/18/2018  Thomas MarloFree to Be You & Me$5.00
11104824925  USED6/18/2018  Thorpe BillyChildren of the Sun$5.00
11104825555  USED6/18/2018  Tillis MelOld Faithful$5.00
11104824865  USED6/18/2018  TIMEX SOCIAL CLUBRUMORS$5.00
11104824895  USED6/18/2018  Tynor McCoyLegend of the Hour$5.00
11104825975  USED6/18/2018  Village PeopleVillage People$3.00
11104826155  USED6/18/2018  Wakeman RickSix Wives of Henry Viii$5.00
11104825615  USED6/18/2018  Walker Jerry JeffRidin High$5.00
11104825775  USED6/18/2018  Wings / McCartney PaulWings Over America$5.00
11104825195  USED6/18/2018  Winter EdgarThey Only Come Out At Night$5.00
11104825405  USED6/18/2018  Wire TrainBetweeen Two Worlds$5.00