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Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 8/19/2018
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11104916735  USED8/19/2018  AfterglowMuisc Party - SEALED$8.95
11104918545  USED8/19/2018  Amos ToriMidwinter Graces (W/DVD) (DLX)$7.95
11104918675  USED8/19/2018  BAND OF HORSESINFINITE ARMS$6.95
11104918785  USED8/19/2018  Banhart DevendraWhat Will We Be (LTD)$5.95
11104918475  USED8/19/2018  Beach BoysEndless Summer$6.95
11104918445  USED8/19/2018  BeatlesBeatles For Sale$6.95
11104918465  USED8/19/2018  BeatlesHard Day's Night$6.95
11104918515  USED8/19/2018  BeatlesLet It Be Naked (Bonus CD)$6.95
11104918425  USED8/19/2018  BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour$6.95
11104918455  USED8/19/2018  BeatlesPlease Please Me$6.95
11104918335  USED8/19/2018  BeatlesWith the Beatles$6.95
11104920215  USED8/19/2018  BloodrockLive$7.95
11104920205  USED8/19/2018  BloodrockWhirlwind Tongues$5.95
11104918815  USED8/19/2018  BRIGHT EYESPEOPLE'S KEY$6.95
11104918745  USED8/19/2018  BUTLER JOHNAPRIL UPRISING$6.95
11104918885  USED8/19/2018  Butler MargieMagic of the Celtic Harp$5.95
11104918865  USED8/19/2018  CherNot Commercial$5.95
11104918525  USED8/19/2018  Coltrane JohnBlue Train$5.95
11104916825  USED8/19/2018  Crosby BingIn Hollywood 1930-1934 - SEALED$6.95
11104918725  USED8/19/2018  DYLAN JAKOBWOMEN & COUNTRY (DIG)$5.95
11104916875  USED8/19/2018  EaglesHotel California$5.00
11104918555  USED8/19/2018  EDITORSIN THIS LIGHT & ON THIS EVENING$6.95
11104918705  USED8/19/2018  EISLEYVALLEY (DIG)$5.95
11104917015  USED8/19/2018  Elo ( Electric Light Orchestra )Secret Messages$5.00
11104920285  USED8/19/2018  FlashFlash In The Can - UK PRessing$9.95
11104920185  USED8/19/2018  FocusHamburger Concerto$6.95
11104918625  USED8/19/2018  Gasoline HeartYou Know Who You Are$5.95
11104920355  USED8/19/2018  Golden EarringMoontan - UK Pressing$14.95
11104918605  USED8/19/2018  GomezHow we operate$5.95
11104920295  USED8/19/2018  GreensladeBeside Manners Are Extra - UK Pressing$11.95
11104916835  USED8/19/2018  Hooker John LeeNever get Out of these Blues Alive - SEALED$12.95
11104916725  USED8/19/2018  Incidents out of ContextIncidents out of Context$6.95
11104920335  USED8/19/2018  Jefferson AirplaneBark$6.95
11104918795  USED8/19/2018  JENNY & JOHNNYIM HAVING FUN NOW$6.95
11104918695  USED8/19/2018  JURADO DAMIENGHOST OF DAVID$5.95
11104918805  USED8/19/2018  KeaneUnder the Iron Sea$5.95
11104916715  USED8/19/2018  Kindler SteveAutomatic Writing - SEALED$9.95
11104918645  USED8/19/2018  Kweller BenOn my way$6.95
11104918615  USED8/19/2018  Lamontagne RayTill the sun turns black$6.95
11104916785  USED8/19/2018  Lawrence ArnieRenewal - SEALED$6.95
11104916815  USED8/19/2018  LIEBMAN DAVIDQUEST - SEALED$5.95
11104918595  USED8/19/2018  Mann AimeeI'm With Stupid$5.95
11104918585  USED8/19/2018  Maroon 5Songs About Jane$6.95
11104920325  USED8/19/2018  Mayall JohnBack to the roots - German Pressing$11.95
11104916755  USED8/19/2018  McCall CashCash Up Front - SEALED$6.95
11104918845  USED8/19/2018  Medeski John / Martin Billy / Wood ChriIt's a Jungle in Here$5.95
11104918835  USED8/19/2018  Medeski Martin & WoodNote Bleu: Best Of$6.95
11104918345  USED8/19/2018  Morrison VanAstral Weeks$5.95
11104918505  USED8/19/2018  Morrison VanMoondance$5.95
11104920175  USED8/19/2018  MountainLive - Featuring Leslie West$5.95
11104918435  USED8/19/2018  Nelson WillieRed Headed Stranger$5.95
11104918685  USED8/19/2018  Palmer AmandaWho Killed Amanda Palmer$6.95
11104918535  USED8/19/2018  Pearl JamBack Spacer$6.95
11104918855  USED8/19/2018  POI DOG PONDERINGPOMEGRANATE$4.95
11104918755  USED8/19/2018  Rogue WaveAsleep at Heavens Gate$6.95
11104916895  USED8/19/2018  Royal Billy JoeDown in the Boondocks$5.00
11104916915  USED8/19/2018  Savoy BrownBest of$5.00
11104916925  USED8/19/2018  Savoy BrownHellbound Train$5.00
11104916985  USED8/19/2018  Seger BobLive Bullet$3.00
11104916995  USED8/19/2018  Seger BobNine Tonight$5.00
11104916745  USED8/19/2018  SETE BOLAOCEAN - SEALED$7.95
11104918715  USED8/19/2018  SHE & HIMVOLUME 3$6.95
11104918825  USED8/19/2018  SPOONTRANSFERENCE$5.95
11104916765  USED8/19/2018  Spyro GyraFreetime - SEALED$5.95
11104918655  USED8/19/2018  Squirrel Nut ZippersPerennial Favorites$6.95
11104917005  USED8/19/2018  Steely DanCountdown To Ecstacy$5.00
11104920255  USED8/19/2018  StoriesAbout Us$6.95
11104918875  USED8/19/2018  StraussFamily Waltzes$5.95
11104916935  USED8/19/2018  Ten Years AfterSSSSH$5.00
11104920275  USED8/19/2018  Ten Years AfterSSSSH - UK Pressing$9.95
11104918565  USED8/19/2018  Test Your ReflexBurning Hour$4.95
11104918775  USED8/19/2018  Tiny VipersHands Across The Void$5.95
11104918395  USED8/19/2018  Uriah HeepDemons & Wizards$5.95
11104918385  USED8/19/2018  Uriah HeepMagician's Birthday$6.95
11104918375  USED8/19/2018  Uriah HeepSalisbury$8.95
11104918365  USED8/19/2018  Uriah HeepVery Eazu$8.95
11104916805  USED8/19/2018  Various - Jazz Monterey 1958-1980Various - Jazz Monterey 1958-1980 - SEALED$8.95
11104918575  USED8/19/2018  WARD MPOST WAR$5.95
11104916795  USED8/19/2018  Watkins MaryWinds of Change - SEALED$9.95
11104918665  USED8/19/2018  WeezerRadtitude$6.95
11104918765  USED8/19/2018  White LiesTo Lose My Life$4.95
11104918355  USED8/19/2018  WilcoGhost is born$6.95
11104920375  USED8/19/2018  Winter EdgarWhite Trash - UK pressing$8.95
11104918485  USED8/19/2018  Young NeilAfter the Gold Rush$6.95
11104920365  USED8/19/2018  YoungbloodsGood & Dusty$7.95