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Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 10/21/2017
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11104685885  USED10/21/2017  AerosmithBig Ones$5.95
11104685475  USED10/21/2017  Allman BrothersEvening With: First Set$5.95
11104685685  USED10/21/2017  B-52'sTime Capsule: Greatest Hits$5.95
11104686165  USED10/21/2017  Battles12 Wall Street / Sweetie & Shag$8.95
11104685875  USED10/21/2017  Beck JeffWho Else$5.95
11104685635  USED10/21/2017  Big Bad VooDoo DaddyBig Bad VooDoo Daddy$6.95
11104686515  USED10/21/2017  BUCHANAN ROYSECOND ALBUM$5.00
11104685575  USED10/21/2017  CarsJust What I Needed: Anthology$16.95
11104685625  USED10/21/2017  Cherry Poppin DaddiesZoot Suit Riot$6.95
11104685505  USED10/21/2017  Clarke StanleyAt the Movies$5.95
11104685465  USED10/21/2017  Clarke StanleyEast River Drive$5.95
11104685665  USED10/21/2017  Cline Patsy12 Greatest Hits$5.95
11104685595  USED10/21/2017  Collins PhilHits$5.95
11104686565  USED10/21/2017  Cray RobertDon't Be Afraid of the Dark$5.00
11104685945  USED10/21/2017  Crystal MethodVegas$6.95
11104685805  USED10/21/2017  CureMixed Up$6.95
11104685775  USED10/21/2017  De Lucia PacoSiroco$6.95
11104685525  USED10/21/2017  Depeche ModeSingles 86>98$8.95
11104686195  USED10/21/2017  DEVIL'S BRIGADEDEVIL'S BRIGADE$13.95
11104686835  USED10/21/2017  Four AcesGreatest Hits$3.00
11104686845  USED10/21/2017  Garland JudyAt The Grove$3.00
11104686765  USED10/21/2017  Garner ErrollNew Kind of Love$3.00
11104685645  USED10/21/2017  GoviGuitar Odyssey$5.95
11104686525  USED10/21/2017  Hansel & Gretel / Walt Disney OSTHansel & Gretel / Walt Disney OST$5.00
11104685715  USED10/21/2017  Hedges MichaelLive On the Double Planet$6.95
11104686795  USED10/21/2017  Horton JohnnyGreatest Hits$3.00
11104686785  USED10/21/2017  Ian & SylviaEarly Morning Rain$3.00
11104686245  USED10/21/2017  Jobim Antonio CarlosEloquence of Antonio Carlos Jobim$6.95
11104685735  USED10/21/2017  Joel BillyRiver of Dreams$5.95
11104686505  USED10/21/2017  JourneyDeparture$5.00
11104685545  USED10/21/2017  Kings of Reggae / VariousKings of Reggae / Various$5.95
11104686855  USED10/21/2017  Lambert Hendricks & RossHottest New Group in Jazz$3.00
11104686215  USED10/21/2017  Led ZeppelinPresence$8.95
11104685865  USED10/21/2017  Lennon JohnDouble Fantasy$6.95
11104685925  USED10/21/2017  Los Angeles Guitar QuartetAir & Ground$5.95
11104686265  USED10/21/2017  Malmsteen YngwieTrilogy$8.95
11104685675  USED10/21/2017  Malo RaulToday$5.95
11104686775  USED10/21/2017  Mann HerbieAt The Village Gate$3.00
11104685855  USED10/21/2017  Mason DaveVery Best of$5.95
11104685705  USED10/21/2017  McCartney PaulPaul Is Live$6.95
11104685655  USED10/21/2017  Miller MarcusSun Don't Lie$5.95
11104685825  USED10/21/2017  MTV Class of 1983 / VariousMTV Class of 1983 / Various$9.95
11104685815  USED10/21/2017  New York Rock And Soul RevueLive At The Beacon$6.95
11104685765  USED10/21/2017  Ochoa EliadesTribute to the Cuarteto Patria$5.95
11104685745  USED10/21/2017  Page Jimmy / Plant RobertWalking Into Clarksdale$5.95
11104685915  USED10/21/2017  Parker GrahamUltimate Collection$6.95
11104686255  USED10/21/2017  Peterson OscarKeyboard$8.95
11104685905  USED10/21/2017  Piazza RodLive At B.B. Kings$6.95
11104685515  USED10/21/2017  PINK FLOYDECHOES: THE BEST OF PINK FLOYD$9.95
11104685935  USED10/21/2017  Portuondo OmaraBuena Vista Social Club Presents: Omara Portuondo$5.95
11104685485  USED10/21/2017  Pure Disco / VariousPure Disco / Various$5.95
11104685585  USED10/21/2017  Rolling StonesSticking Fingers (Collector's Edition)$7.95
11104685835  USED10/21/2017  Rolling StonesTattoo You$6.95
11104685845  USED10/21/2017  Rolling StonesVoodoo Lounge$6.95
11104685605  USED10/21/2017  Ross Diana & the SupremesUltimate Collection$5.95
11104686535  USED10/21/2017  SantanaShango$5.00
11104686275  USED10/21/2017  Springsteen BruceRiver$9.95
11104686805  USED10/21/2017  Steel Band Music of the Caribbean / VarSteel Band Music of the Caribbean / Various$3.00
11104685755  USED10/21/2017  Steel PulseState of Emergency$6.95
11104685495  USED10/21/2017  Take It Off: Striptease Classics / VariTake It Off: Striptease Classics / Various$6.95
11104685895  USED10/21/2017  Tango Lesson / O.S.T.Tango Lesson / O.S.T.$5.95
11104685785  USED10/21/2017  Thorogood George & DestroyersBaddest of the Bad$6.95
11104686555  USED10/21/2017  Three Dog NightAround the Wolrd With$5.00
11104685615  USED10/21/2017  Ultimate Country Party / VariousUltimate Country Party / Various$6.95
11104685535  USED10/21/2017  Ultimate Dance Party 1999 / VariousUltimate Dance Party 1999 / Various$5.95
11104685725  USED10/21/2017  Various - Dance Music of IrelandJigs & Reels$5.95
11104685795  USED10/21/2017  Various= James Bond - Best of BondVarious= James Bond - Best of Bond$5.95
11104686225  USED10/21/2017  WhoLive at Leeds$6.95
11104686145  USED10/21/2017  WhoWho Are You - Canada / Red Vinyl$9.95
11104685555  USED10/21/2017  Wilson TimI Should've Married My Father-In-Law$5.95