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Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 10/20/2017
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11104688095  USED10/20/2017  Aeromsith - featuring dream OnAeromsith - featuring dream On$5.95
11104687895  USED10/20/2017  Alpert HerbGreatest Hits$5.95
11104687885  USED10/20/2017  Alpert HerbGreatest Hits Vol 2$5.95
11104687785  USED10/20/2017  ARCADE FIRESUBURBS (DLX)$6.95
11104688215  USED10/20/2017  ARCTIC MONKEYSAM$6.95
11104686315  USED10/20/2017  Battles12 Futura / White Electric / Africastle$8.95
11104686295  USED10/20/2017  Beatles1967-1970 (Blue)$16.95
11104687915  USED10/20/2017  Black SabbathSabbath Bloody Sabbath$6.95
11104688235  USED10/20/2017  Buffalo SpringfieldRetrospective$5.95
11104688075  USED10/20/2017  CallRed Moon$5.95
11104688015  USED10/20/2017  Cheap TrickWoke Up With A Monster$5.95
11104686395  USED10/20/2017  Clayton BuckSongs For Swingers$6.95
11104688045  USED10/20/2017  Collective SoulDosage$6.95
11104686475  USED10/20/2017  Crosby Still Nash Daylight Again$5.00
11104688185  USED10/20/2017  DEEP PURPLEMACHINE HEAD$5.95
11104687995  USED10/20/2017  Def LeppardPyromania$6.95
11104688125  USED10/20/2017  DEVIL WEARS PRADADEAD THRONE$6.95
11104688225  USED10/20/2017  DEVIL WEARS PRADAZOMBIE (EP)$4.95
11104687715  USED10/20/2017  DivineBest of Divine$5.95
11104686385  USED10/20/2017  DoorsDoors$9.95
11104688135  USED10/20/2017  Echo & the BunnymenFlowers$5.95
11104687815  USED10/20/2017  Fleet FoxesFleet Foxes$6.95
11104687855  USED10/20/2017  FRISELL BILLBIG SUR$6.95
11104687765  USED10/20/2017  Garcia Jerry / Grisman David / Rice TonPizza Tapes$6.95
11104688005  USED10/20/2017  HalfordLive Insurrection$6.95
11104688025  USED10/20/2017  HALFORDMADE OF METAL$6.95
11104687705  USED10/20/2017  Harris EmmylouRed Dirt Girl$5.95
11104686375  USED10/20/2017  Hendrix JimiElectric Ladyland$14.95
11104687935  USED10/20/2017  Iron MaidenSomewhere in Time (Enh)$6.95
11104688035  USED10/20/2017  Jackson MichaelBad$6.95
11104687875  USED10/20/2017  John EltonTumbleweed Connection$5.95
11104687975  USED10/20/2017  Judas PriestBritish Steel (Exp)$6.95
11104687965  USED10/20/2017  Judas PriestSin After Sin $6.95
11104687945  USED10/20/2017  KissDestroyer$5.95
11104688055  USED10/20/2017  LADY GAGABORN THIS WAY$6.95
11104687755  USED10/20/2017  MelodiansRivers of Babylon: Best of 1967-73$6.95
11104687905  USED10/20/2017  Mighty Mighty BostonesDevil's Night Out$5.95
11104688085  USED10/20/2017  Miller DennisOff-White Album$5.95
11104686465  USED10/20/2017  Miller SteveBook of Dreams$5.00
11104687925  USED10/20/2017  MinistryIn Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up$5.95
11104688145  USED10/20/2017  MinistryWith Sympathy$5.95
11104686405  USED10/20/2017  Montgomery MarianSwings for Winners & Losers$8.95
11104686325  USED10/20/2017  MUMFORD & SONSSIGH NO MORE$9.95
11104687805  USED10/20/2017  NEWMAN RANDYRANDY NEWMAN SONGBOOK 2$6.95
11104687845  USED10/20/2017  Newsom JoannaMilk-Eyed Mender$6.95
11104687825  USED10/20/2017  Newsom JoannaYs$6.95
11104687955  USED10/20/2017  Petty Tom & HeartbreakersLast DJ (Enh)$6.95
11104687985  USED10/20/2017  QueensrycheGreatest Hits$6.95
11104688105  USED10/20/2017  RainbowRitchie Blackmore's Rainbow (RMST)$5.95
11104688175  USED10/20/2017  RecoilBloodline$6.95
11104686425  USED10/20/2017  RecoilHydrology$11.95
11104687775  USED10/20/2017  RED HOT CHILI PEPPERSGETAWAY$6.95
11104687835  USED10/20/2017  Sexton MartinSeeds (Dig)$5.95
11104686305  USED10/20/2017  ShinsChutes Too Narrow$11.95
11104686445  USED10/20/2017  Simon & GarfunkelGreatest Hits$5.00
11104688165  USED10/20/2017  Sisters of MercySlight Case of Overbombing$6.95
11104688065  USED10/20/2017  Snow PatrolFinal Straw$5.95
11104686365  USED10/20/2017  SOUNDTRACK - HOBBITHOBBIT: W/ Glenn Yarbrough$9.95
11104688155  USED10/20/2017  SPARKSHIPPOPOTAMUS (UK)$6.95
11104686345  USED10/20/2017  Springsteen BruceBorn In The USA$7.95
11104687865  USED10/20/2017  Statler BrothersGospel Favorites$5.95
11104688195  USED10/20/2017  Steel PantherFeel the Steel$6.95
11104686435  USED10/20/2017  SupertrampEven in the quietest moments$5.00
11104687735  USED10/20/2017  The TheHanky Panky$5.95
11104688115  USED10/20/2017  UFOStrangers in the Night$5.95
11104686485  USED10/20/2017  WhoWho Are You$5.00
11104686455  USED10/20/2017  Williams Hank14 Of Hank's All-Time Best$5.00
11104687745  USED10/20/2017  YesUnion$5.95
11104686285  USED10/20/2017  YesYessongs$6.95
11104686335  USED10/20/2017  Young NeilHarvest$11.95
11104686355  USED10/20/2017  Zappa FrankZoot Allures$6.95