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Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 6/5/2018
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11104844815  USED6/5/2018  50 CENT12 I get money$3.00
11104845025  USED6/5/2018  Abigail12 Let the Joy Ride$3.00
11104847825  USED6/5/2018  Ambre & Spybey MarkSfumato$5.95
11104845055  USED6/5/2018  Badu Erykah12 Ojn & On$5.00
11104847995  USED6/5/2018  Beastie BoysSabotage$4.95
11104845035  USED6/5/2018  Beatnuts12 Duck Season$5.00
11104844285  USED6/5/2018  Beatnuts12 Hit me with that$6.95
11104845255  USED6/5/2018  Billion Bucks12 You Don't Know$3.00
11104845265  USED6/5/2018  Black12 Wonderful Life$3.00
11104845075  USED6/5/2018  Black Eyed Peas12 My Humps$5.00
11104845125  USED6/5/2018  Boogie Down Productions12 Bridge is Over - SEALED$11.95
11104844825  USED6/5/2018  BOOGIE MONSTERS12 STRANGE$3.00
11104845315  USED6/5/2018  Bronski Beat12 Smalltown Boy$4.95
11104844585  USED6/5/2018  Bruce Rex12 CASH$4.95
11104844985  USED6/5/2018  Busta Rhymes12 Where's Your Money$3.00
11104844735  USED6/5/2018  Cam'ron12 Hey Ma$3.00
11104847865  USED6/5/2018  CHEMLABMAGNETIC FIELD Remixes$5.95
11104844805  USED6/5/2018  Chingy12 Right thurr$3.00
11104847665  USED6/5/2018  Collins PhilNo Jacket Required$5.95
11104844725  USED6/5/2018  Common12 Go$3.00
11104844835  USED6/5/2018  Common12 The corner$3.00
11104845115  USED6/5/2018  Common12 Testify$3.00
11104845095  USED6/5/2018  Common & Prime12 While I'm Dancin$3.00
11104847875  USED6/5/2018  Contagion ScratchContagion Scratch$4.95
11104845305  USED6/5/2018  Days Jeremy12 Brand New toy - German$3.95
11104847745  USED6/5/2018  Dead Voices On AirNew Words Machine$6.95
11104844665  USED6/5/2018  Debbie Deb12 When I hear Music$3.00
11104844325  USED6/5/2018  Depeche Mode12 But Not Tonight$9.95
11104844475  USED6/5/2018  Depeche Mode12 Everything Counts$8.95
11104844295  USED6/5/2018  Depeche Mode12 It's called a heart$7.95
11104844315  USED6/5/2018  Depeche Mode12 It's called a heart$4.95
11104844485  USED6/5/2018  Depeche Mode12 Shake the Disease$6.95
11104844425  USED6/5/2018  Depeche Mode12 Strange Love$7.95
11104847675  USED6/5/2018  Dixon WillieI Am the Blues$6.95
11104847775  USED6/5/2018  DJ FoodRefried Food$5.95
11104847965  USED6/5/2018  DRACULADRACULA$4.95
11104845325  USED6/5/2018  Erasure12 Circus$2.95
11104844455  USED6/5/2018  Eurythmics12 Who's That Girl$1.95
11104847885  USED6/5/2018  Freddy's Dead: Final Nightmare / (WS)Freddy's Dead: Final Nightmare / (WS)$3.95
11104847585  USED6/5/2018  General PublicAll the Rage$5.95
11104844505  USED6/5/2018  GOLD FRANKINCENSE & DISK DRIVE12 Butterside$4.95
11104847625  USED6/5/2018  GONGCAMEMBERT ELECTRIQUE$6.95
11104844755  USED6/5/2018  Gray MacyWhen I see you$3.00
11104844855  USED6/5/2018  GROUP DU JOUR12 WONDERFUL VISION$3.00
11104845145  USED6/5/2018  Hagen Nina12 Universal Radio$3.95
11104844355  USED6/5/2018  Hancock Herbie12 Lirte Me Up$2.95
11104847655  USED6/5/2018  Hendric JimiAxis: Bold as Love$5.95
11104847615  USED6/5/2018  Hendrix JimiElectric Ladyland$6.95
11104844345  USED6/5/2018  Housemartins12 Caravan of Love$2.95
11104847945  USED6/5/2018  HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 (2PC) (W/DVDHOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 (2PC) (W/DVD) / (2PK)$4.95
11104845185  USED6/5/2018  Hunters & Collectors12 Throw Your Arms Around Me$5.95
11104844255  USED6/5/2018  Immortal Technique12 Industrial Revolutionary $9.95
11104844365  USED6/5/2018  Immortal Technique12 Industrial Revolutionary $9.95
11104844565  USED6/5/2018  Jackson Joe12 Right & Wrong$1.95
11104844695  USED6/5/2018  Jay-Z12 Anything$3.00
11104844705  USED6/5/2018  Jay-Z12 Big Pimpin$3.00
11104844895  USED6/5/2018  Jay-Z12 Encore$3.00
11104845085  USED6/5/2018  Jay-Z12 Hard Knocks Life$3.00
11104844975  USED6/5/2018  Jay-Z12 Izzo - Blue Vinyl$3.00
11104844905  USED6/5/2018  Jay-Z12 You don;t know$3.00
11104845065  USED6/5/2018  Jay-Z / Kelly R12 Best of Both Worlds$5.00
11104845195  USED6/5/2018  Jazz12 Theme$1.95
11104845175  USED6/5/2018  Johnny Hates Jazz12 Shattered Dreams$5.95
11104847515  USED6/5/2018  Kentucky HeadhuntersPickin On Nashville$5.95
11104844865  USED6/5/2018  Khan Chaka12 I Feel For You$3.00
11104847495  USED6/5/2018  Krall DianaFrom This Moment On$5.95
11104847505  USED6/5/2018  Less Than JakePezcore$5.95
11104845135  USED6/5/2018  Lucy Show12 New Message$1.95
11104844395  USED6/5/2018  LUCY SHOW12 UNDONE$2.95
11104844675  USED6/5/2018  Ludacris12 Ho$3.00
11104844875  USED6/5/2018  Mitchell Lisa12 Rescue Me$3.00
11104845015  USED6/5/2018  Nas12 Hero$5.00
11104844955  USED6/5/2018  NAS12 Made You Look$3.00
11104844745  USED6/5/2018  Notorious B.I.G.12 One MOre Chance$3.00
11104844945  USED6/5/2018  Notorious Big12 Mo Money mo problems$3.00
11104844375  USED6/5/2018  OMD / Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark12 Dreaming$2.95
11104847715  USED6/5/2018  Operation IvyOperation Ivy$6.95
11104845275  USED6/5/2018  Osbourne Ozzy12 Devil's Daughter$11.95
11104847575  USED6/5/2018  Parker CharlieAll Stars Live$6.95
11104844545  USED6/5/2018  Pet Shop Boys12 Opportunities$2.95
11104844795  USED6/5/2018  Pharcyde12 Rubber Song$3.00
11104847835  USED6/5/2018  PLINKSLEEPING LINES$5.95
11104844785  USED6/5/2018  PRUNES12 Blow Up The Factor$3.00
11104847605  USED6/5/2018  Psychedelic FursWorld Outside$5.95
11104844535  USED6/5/2018  Rave-ups12 These$1.95
11104845345  USED6/5/2018  Red Flag12 Broken Heart (red vinyl)$6.95
11104845365  USED6/5/2018  REDLORRY YELLOWLORRY12 Chance - UK$3.95
11104844605  USED6/5/2018  Reed Lou12 My Red Joystick$1.95
11104844595  USED6/5/2018  Richie Lionel12 Long Night Long$2.95
11104844925  USED6/5/2018  ROCKSTEADY CREW12 ROCKSTEADY CREW$3.00
11104845105  USED6/5/2018  Ronson Mark12 Ooh Wee$3.00
11104847535  USED6/5/2018  Roth David LeeSkyscraper$5.95
11104845165  USED6/5/2018  Scritti Politti12 Hypnotize$1.95
11104845215  USED6/5/2018  Severed Heads12 20 Deadly Diseases$4.95
11104845225  USED6/5/2018  Severed Heads12 All Saints Day$14.95
11104847765  USED6/5/2018  SHONEN KNIFEHAPPY HOUR$5.95
11104847805  USED6/5/2018  SILVERMANSILVERMANDALAS$5.95
11104847555  USED6/5/2018  Simon & GarfunkelGreatest Hits$6.95
11104845205  USED6/5/2018  Sisters Of Mercy12 Corrosion$3.00
11104845295  USED6/5/2018  Smith Lonnie12 Funk Reaction$6.95
11104844775  USED6/5/2018  Stefani Gwen12 Hollaback Girl$3.00
11104847905  USED6/5/2018  Stigmata / (WS)Stigmata / (WS)$3.95
11104845005  USED6/5/2018  Technotronic12 Pump Up the Jam$3.00
11104847565  USED6/5/2018  They Might Be GiantsFlood$5.95
11104844515  USED6/5/2018  Tones On Tail12 Christian Says UK$10.95
11104844525  USED6/5/2018  Tones On Tail12 Lions - UK$12.95
11104845285  USED6/5/2018  TROPEA JOHN12 Livin In The Jungle$5.00
11104847895  USED6/5/2018  Unnamable IIUnnamable II$3.95
11104844995  USED6/5/2018  Usher12 My Way$3.00
11104847755  USED6/5/2018  Various - Tone CasualtiesMusic for the Next Century$5.95
11104847985  USED6/5/2018  Wes Craven CollectionWes Craven Collection$4.95
11104847855  USED6/5/2018  Western PhillipWorld's End$5.95
11104847915  USED6/5/2018  X-MenX-Men$4.95
11104845355  USED6/5/2018  ZZ Top12 Legs3$6.95