Things To Keep In Mind With Our Used Selections

Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 5/8/2019
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11105104385  USED5/8/2019  A Lump Of CoalA Lump Of Coal$3.95
11105104185  USED5/8/2019  AC/DC74 Jailbreak$5.95
11105104265  USED5/8/2019  AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap$5.95
11105104205  USED5/8/2019  AC/DCFlick of the Switch$5.95
11105104195  USED5/8/2019  AC/DCFly on the Wall$5.95
11105104175  USED5/8/2019  AC/DCHigh Voltage$4.95
11105104235  USED5/8/2019  AcceptBalls to the Walls$5.95
11105104495  USED5/8/2019  Aeromsith - featuring dream OnAeromsith - featuring dream On$2.95
11105104565  USED5/8/2019  AerosmithGreatest Hits$3.95
11105104555  USED5/8/2019  AerosmithToys in the Attic$3.95
11105104275  USED5/8/2019  AlcatrazzDisturbing the Peace$5.95
11105104105  USED5/8/2019  AmmonaMint 400$6.95
11105104295  USED5/8/2019  AnvilLive in Concert$5.95
11105104305  USED5/8/2019  Armored SaintMarch of the Saint$5.95
11105104315  USED5/8/2019  Asphalt BalletPigs$5.95
11105104665  USED5/8/2019  BadleesRiver Songs$1.95
11105104345  USED5/8/2019  Belew AdrianInner revolution$3.95
11105104635  USED5/8/2019  Belew AdrianYoung Lions$1.95
11105104955  USED5/8/2019  Big ChiefMack Avenue Skullgame$2.95
11105105015  USED5/8/2019  Billie Ella Lena Sarah / VariousBillie Ella Lena Sarah / Various$3.95
11105104745  USED5/8/2019  Black CrowesAmorica$2.95
11105104795  USED5/8/2019  Black CrowesSouthern Harmony and Musical Companion$3.95
11105104335  USED5/8/2019  Black SabbathEternal Idol$5.95
11105104655  USED5/8/2019  Blakey ArtA Jazz Message$1.95
11105105735  USED5/8/2019  BLAKLEY RONEEWELCOME$3.00
11105104515  USED5/8/2019  Bloom LukaAcoustic Motorbike$2.95
11105104245  USED5/8/2019  Bruford BillMaster Strokes$4.95
11105105085  USED5/8/2019  ChiffonsOne Fine Day$2.95
11105104855  USED5/8/2019  Clapton Eric24 Nights$3.95
11105105055  USED5/8/2019  Clapton EricTime Pieces Two$2.95
11105104865  USED5/8/2019  Clapton EricTimepieces $2.95
11105104675  USED5/8/2019  Cobham BillySmokin'$1.95
11105105915  USED5/8/2019  Collins JudyMaid of Constant Sorrow$3.00
11105104775  USED5/8/2019  CommodoresAll the Great Hits$2.95
11105104915  USED5/8/2019  Controlled BleedingTrudge$2.95
11105104715  USED5/8/2019  DamnedFinal Damnation$5.95
11105105025  USED5/8/2019  DonovanGreatest Hits$2.95
11105104685  USED5/8/2019  Doris DazeFoon$1.95
11105104905  USED5/8/2019  Faith No MoreAngel Dust$3.95
11105104935  USED5/8/2019  Faith No MoreEasy / Das Schutzenfest / Midnight Cowboy$2.95
11105104835  USED5/8/2019  Fitzgerald EllaVery best of the song books$2.95
11105105005  USED5/8/2019  FlamingosFlamingos$2.95
11105105035  USED5/8/2019  Fleetwood MacGreatest Hits$3.95
11105105965  USED5/8/2019  Havens RichieMirage$3.00
11105104965  USED5/8/2019  Hendrix JimiUltimate Experience$4.95
11105104875  USED5/8/2019  HoneydrippersVolume One$2.95
11105105845  USED5/8/2019  Ingram JamesNever Felt so good$3.00
11105104925  USED5/8/2019  Isaak ChrisSan Francisco Days$1.95
11105105705  USED5/8/2019  JABARA PAULSHUT OUT$3.00
11105105095  USED5/8/2019  Jackson MichaelHistory$1.95
11105104285  USED5/8/2019  Jamal AhmadIn Sessions$4.95
11105104735  USED5/8/2019  Jefferson AirplaneAfter Bathing At Baxters$3.95
11105104755  USED5/8/2019  Joel BillyGreatest Hits 1 & 2$4.95
11105105075  USED5/8/2019  Lang KdIngenue$2.95
11105104805  USED5/8/2019  Lennon JohnCollection$4.95
11105104695  USED5/8/2019  Love and RocketsSweet FA$2.95
11105104365  USED5/8/2019  Love Spit LoveLove Spit Love$3.95
11105104995  USED5/8/2019  Lovin SpoonfulBest of$1.95
11105104395  USED5/8/2019  Luaka Bop PresentsRoots Rock & Rhythm$3.95
11105104525  USED5/8/2019  Luscious JacksonFever In Fever Out$2.95
11105104445  USED5/8/2019  Magic SamLate Great Magic Sam$9.95
11105104475  USED5/8/2019  ManowarKings of Metal$8.95
11105104595  USED5/8/2019  Masi AlexVertical Invader$1.95
11105104535  USED5/8/2019  Masters of RealityMasters of Reality$2.95
11105104425  USED5/8/2019  Mazzy StarAmong My Swan$9.95
11105104845  USED5/8/2019  McCartney PaulAll The Best$3.95
11105106045  USED5/8/2019  Mendes SergioFavorite Things$3.00
11105104645  USED5/8/2019  Meters Jam$1.95
11105104155  USED5/8/2019  MSGOne Night at Budokan$6.95
11105104895  USED5/8/2019  New OrderSubstance$4.95
11105104985  USED5/8/2019  Nilsson HarryAll-Time Greatest Hits$2.95
11105104885  USED5/8/2019  Parton DollyGreatest Hits$2.95
11105105045  USED5/8/2019  Parton Dolly / Ronstadt Linda / Harris Trio$3.95
11105104405  USED5/8/2019  PrinceBatman - O.S.T.$3.95
11105105795  USED5/8/2019  Ronstadt LindaGet Closer$3.00
11105105805  USED5/8/2019  Ronstadt LindaLush Life$3.00
11105105925  USED5/8/2019  Seals & CroftsGet Closer$3.00
11105104945  USED5/8/2019  Siouxsie & the BansheesPeepshow$4.95
11105105955  USED5/8/2019  Springsteen BruceBorn to Run$3.00
11105104605  USED5/8/2019  Summers AndyGolden Wire$1.95
11105104625  USED5/8/2019  Summers AndyMysterious Barricades$1.95
11105104215  USED5/8/2019  Variouos - Metal MindedVariouos - Metal Minded$4.95
11105105755  USED5/8/2019  Various - Legenday Leading Ladies of StLegenday Leading Ladies of Stage Screen & Radio$3.00
11105105765  USED5/8/2019  Various - Legenday Leading Ladies of StLegenday Leading Ladies of Stage Screen & Radio$3.00
11105104975  USED5/8/2019  Various - Sound of JazzVarious - Sound of Jazz$1.95
11105105885  USED5/8/2019  White JoshJose At Midnight$3.00
11105104815  USED5/8/2019  ZZ TopBest of ZZ Top$3.95