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Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 5/14/2019
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11105109255  USED5/14/2019  Ayers RoyNaste$4.95
11105109435  USED5/14/2019  Chapman TracyMatters of the Heart$3.95
11105108955  USED5/14/2019  Deep PurpleBurn$2.95
11105109025  USED5/14/2019  Deep PurpleWho Do We Think We Are$2.95
11105109365  USED5/14/2019  DioHoly Diver$4.95
11105109485  USED5/14/2019  Dreadful SnakesSnakes Alive$6.95
11105109465  USED5/14/2019  ELFMAN DANNYDICK TRACY / O.S.T.$9.95
11105109345  USED5/14/2019  Emerson Lake & PalmerAltantic Years$4.95
11105109525  USED5/14/2019  Fates WarningAwaken the Guardian$8.95
11105109195  USED5/14/2019  Fates WarningParallels$4.95
11105108945  USED5/14/2019  FixxReach the Beach$2.95
11105109535  USED5/14/2019  Fripp RobertExposure$8.95
11105109495  USED5/14/2019  Gabriel PeterRevisited$6.95
11105108985  USED5/14/2019  Malmsteen YngwieMarching Out$2.95
11105108995  USED5/14/2019  Malmsteen YngwieRising Force$2.95
11105109045  USED5/14/2019  Metheny PatTravels$2.95
11105109425  USED5/14/2019  Osbourne OzzyBark at the Moon$4.95
11105109295  USED5/14/2019  OverkillUnder the Influence$4.95
11105108925  USED5/14/2019  PatraQueen of the Pack$2.95
11105109355  USED5/14/2019  Pearl JamTen$4.95
11105109265  USED5/14/2019  Pink FloydDivision Bell$4.95
11105108915  USED5/14/2019  Plant RobertFate Of Nations$2.95
11105109075  USED5/14/2019  Plant RobertManic Nirvana$2.95
11105109085  USED5/14/2019  Plant RobertNow And Zen$2.95
11105109055  USED5/14/2019  PrinceAround the World in a Day$4.95
11105109445  USED5/14/2019  Reinhardt Django / Stephane GrappelliStardust$3.95
11105109405  USED5/14/2019  Rush2112$4.95
11105109385  USED5/14/2019  RushCounterparts$3.95
11105109545  USED5/14/2019  RushHold Your Fire$8.95
11105109135  USED5/14/2019  RushPresto$3.95
11105109185  USED5/14/2019  Rush Rush$4.95
11105108975  USED5/14/2019  ScorpionsBlackout$3.95
11105109225  USED5/14/2019  Screaming TreesSweet Oblivion$4.95
11105109215  USED5/14/2019  Seldom Scene20th Anniversary Concert$4.95
11105109245  USED5/14/2019  Sinatra FrankCome Fly With Me$4.95
11105109155  USED5/14/2019  Skid RowSlave$2.95
11105109455  USED5/14/2019  SlayerSouth of Heaven$9.95
11105109115  USED5/14/2019  Soul AsylumHnag Time$2.95
11105109235  USED5/14/2019  Spin DoctorsLive$4.95
11105109375  USED5/14/2019  Spin DoctorsYou got to believe in something$3.95
11105109505  USED5/14/2019  The Pontiac BrothersDoll Hut/Fiesta En La Biblioteca$6.95
11105108905  USED5/14/2019  U2Zooropa$2.95
11105109515  USED5/14/2019  Various - New Wave of British Heavy MetNew Wave of British Heavy Metal '79$8.95
11105109305  USED5/14/2019  WASPLAST COMMAND$4.95
11105109395  USED5/14/2019  Wasserman RobTrios$3.95
11105109335  USED5/14/2019  Wild dogsReign of Terror$4.95
11105109325  USED5/14/2019  Will & The KillWill & The Kill$4.95
11105109005  USED5/14/2019  X ( Band )Ain't Love Grand$3.95
11105109315  USED5/14/2019  YardbirdsFeaturing Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck$4.95
11105109065  USED5/14/2019  Young Neil and Crazy HorseSleeps With Angels$2.95
11105108935  USED5/14/2019  ZebraNo Tellin Lies$2.95