Things To Keep In Mind With Our Used Selections

Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

If you would like to look at the new used arrivals for a different date, click on the day you want on the calendar at the right.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 4/8/2017
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11104547165  USED4/8/2017  Cervenka ExeneRunning Sacred$6.95
11104544495  USED4/8/2017  End of Days / O.S.T.End of Days / O.S.T. $5.95
11104544885  USED4/8/2017  Escape ClubWild Wild West$3.00
11104544675  USED4/8/2017  Fatboy SlimYou've Come a Long Way Baby$5.95
11104544615  USED4/8/2017  Fogelberg DanExiles$4.95
11104544605  USED4/8/2017  Frou FrouDetails$5.95
11104544335  USED4/8/2017  GenesisWe Can't Dance$5.95
11104544355  USED4/8/2017  Griffiths MarciaCarousel$6.95
11104544925  USED4/8/2017  Harley SteveLove's A Prima Donna$3.00
11104544715  USED4/8/2017  Heart Beats: Sirens of Song - Classic THeart Beats: Sirens of Song - Classic Torch / Var$5.95
11104544645  USED4/8/2017  Hiatt JohnBring the Family$5.95
11104544385  USED4/8/2017  Jackson JanetVelvet Rope$5.95
11104543725  USED4/8/2017  Mcferrin BobbySimple Pleasures$5.00
11104544695  USED4/8/2017  Morissette AlanisSo Called Chaos$5.95
11104547245  USED4/8/2017  Natty NationEarth Citizen$5.95
11104544855  USED4/8/2017  Reo SpeedwagonGood Trouble$3.00
11104547025  USED4/8/2017  Third DayChronology Volume One$8.95
11104547055  USED4/8/2017  THIRD DAYOFFERINGS BOX SET (BOX)$9.95
11104547035  USED4/8/2017  THIRD DAYREVELATION$6.95
11104547045  USED4/8/2017  Third DayWherever you are$6.95
11104544485  USED4/8/2017  THIRTEEN SENSESINVITATION$6.95
m  USED4/8/2017  Various - Narada Collection # 3Various - Narada Collection # 3$5.95
11104544415  USED4/8/2017  Violet IndianaRoulette$5.95
11104544425  USED4/8/2017  Wax PoeticWax Poetic$5.95
11104543585  USED4/8/2017  Wilcox HarlowGroovy Grubworm & other Golden Guitar Greats$6.95
11104547195  USED4/8/2017  ZAPPA FRANKBABY SNAKES$6.95