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Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 4/7/2017
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11104545095  USED4/7/2017  1492: Conquest of Paradise / O.S.T.1492: Conquest of Paradise / O.S.T.$5.95
11104546585  USED4/7/2017  All In The FamilyAll In The Family$3.00
11104545345  USED4/7/2017  BalligomingoBeneath the Surface$5.95
11104544985  USED4/7/2017  Banco de GaiaMagical Sounds of Banco de Gaia$6.95
11104546345  USED4/7/2017  Basie CountBasie's Best$3.00
11104546685  USED4/7/2017  Bay City RollersBay City Rollers$3.00
11104545125  USED4/7/2017  BedrockFoundation$4.95
11104547895  USED4/7/2017  Cash JohnnyBorn to Sing w/ Jeannie C Riley - Box Set$17.95
11104546635  USED4/7/2017  Checker ChubbyTwist With Chuby Checker$3.00
11104545385  USED4/7/2017  Chemical BrothersDig Your Own Hole$6.95
11104545105  USED4/7/2017  Chemical BrothersExit Planet Dust$6.95
11104545115  USED4/7/2017  Chemical BrothersSurrender$5.95
11104545475  USED4/7/2017  Cole PaulaThis Fire$5.95
11104544995  USED4/7/2017  DaughtryDaughtry$5.95
11104545465  USED4/7/2017  DeftonesWhite Pony$6.95
11104544955  USED4/7/2017  DisturbedSickness$6.95
11104545435  USED4/7/2017  DoorsBest of$9.95
11104547415  USED4/7/2017  E.R.: Television Score / VariousE.R.: Television Score / Various$5.95
11104545065  USED4/7/2017  EnyaCelts$6.95
11104545305  USED4/7/2017  Eve 6Horrorscope$4.95
11104545315  USED4/7/2017  Faeries: Companion to Art of Brian FrouFaeries: Companion to Art of Brian Froud / Variou$5.95
11104547395  USED4/7/2017  Full Moon -New Age CollectionFull Moon -New Age Collection$4.95
11104545445  USED4/7/2017  Gabriel PeterUS$5.95
11104545085  USED4/7/2017  Gnarls BarkleyOdd Couple$5.95
11104547495  USED4/7/2017  Gordon David / Gordon SteveGarden of Serenity$4.95
11104547445  USED4/7/2017  Groban JoshAwake$5.95
11104547305  USED4/7/2017  GUY BUDDYLIVING PROOF$5.95
11104547345  USED4/7/2017  HapaIn the Name of Love$5.95
11104546435  USED4/7/2017  Harris EmmylouWhite Shoes (Eng)$3.00
11104547465  USED4/7/2017  Healing HamoniesHealing Hamonies$4.95
11104547385  USED4/7/2017  JAROSZ SARAHBUILD ME UP FROM BONES$6.95
11104545495  USED4/7/2017  Kale KarshRealize$6.95
11104545285  USED4/7/2017  KeaneUnder the Iron Sea$5.95
11104547335  USED4/7/2017  LINKIN PARKTHOUSAND SUNS$6.95
11104547275  USED4/7/2017  LOVELY KARENLUCKY GIRL$6.95
11104547315  USED4/7/2017  LOVELY KARENSTILL THE RAIN$6.95
11104547905  USED4/7/2017  Mantronix12 Scream$3.00
11104545055  USED4/7/2017  Maroon 5It Won't Be Soon Before Long$5.95
11104546305  USED4/7/2017  Masters of Metal / VariousMasters of Metal / Various$3.00
11104545395  USED4/7/2017  Matthews DaveEveryday$5.95
11104545325  USED4/7/2017  Matthews Dave BandBusted Stuff$5.95
11104545365  USED4/7/2017  Mazzy StarSo Tonight That I Might See$6.95
11104546505  USED4/7/2017  Mendes SergioGreatest Hits$3.00
11104544975  USED4/7/2017  Midival PunditzMidival Punditz$5.95
11104545295  USED4/7/2017  MobyMobysongs: the Best of Moby 1993-98$5.95
11104547355  USED4/7/2017  Nakai Carlos / Eaton William / Clipman Feather Stone & Light$5.95
11104545135  USED4/7/2017  Neill BenTriptycal$5.95
11104545405  USED4/7/2017  North SoundTranquility$4.95
11104546705  USED4/7/2017  OutlawsHurry Sundown$3.00
11104545025  USED4/7/2017  Porcupine TreeIn Absentia$6.95
11104545255  USED4/7/2017  PortisheadDummy$6.95
11104545375  USED4/7/2017  Powerman 5000Tonight the Stars Revolt$5.95
11104545245  USED4/7/2017  RadioheadAmnesiac$6.95
11104547945  USED4/7/2017  RAHSUN12 Y'all Ain't Crazy$3.00
11104546485  USED4/7/2017  Reed JerryKo Ko Joe$3.00
11104545165  USED4/7/2017  REO SpeedwayHi Infidelity$6.95
11104547365  USED4/7/2017  Reverend Horton HeatRevival$5.95
11104547455  USED4/7/2017  Richardson StanShakuhachi Meditation Music$5.95
11104545005  USED4/7/2017  Roach Steve / Braheny Kevin / Burmer RiWestern Spaces$6.95
11104545485  USED4/7/2017  Rock: Train Kept a Rollin / VariousRock: Train Kept a Rollin / Various$8.95
11104545205  USED4/7/2017  SalivaEvery Six Seconds$6.95
11104545175  USED4/7/2017  SantanaSupernatural$6.95
11104546695  USED4/7/2017  ScandalLove's Got A Line On You$3.00
11104545225  USED4/7/2017  SealSeal$4.95
11104545015  USED4/7/2017  Secret of Roan Inish / O.S.T.Secret of Roan Inish / O.S.T.$6.95
11104545185  USED4/7/2017  Shankar RaviVision of Peace: the Art of Ravi Shankar$5.95
11104547325  USED4/7/2017  SHE & HIMVOLUME TWO (DIG)$5.95
11104546405  USED4/7/2017  Snow HankOne & Only$3.00
11104547405  USED4/7/2017  SoundtrackGrease / O.S.T.$6.95
11104545215  USED4/7/2017  StingFields Of Gold Best Of$5.95
11104547485  USED4/7/2017  Stoltzman RichardSpirits$5.95
11104547375  USED4/7/2017  T.I.PAPERWORK$5.95
11104546425  USED4/7/2017  Taylor JamesJT$3.00
11104547475  USED4/7/2017  Titanic / O.S.T.Titanic / O.S.T.$4.95
11104547885  USED4/7/2017  Varioous - All Star Country / Western CAll Star Country / Western Cavalcade -box set$8.95
11104546315  USED4/7/2017  Various - Back to Cool !Various - Back to Cool !$3.00
11104546525  USED4/7/2017  Various - Collector's Records & 50's & Collector's Records & 50's & 60's Vol 13$3.00
11104546515  USED4/7/2017  Various - Original Golden GreatsVarious - Original Golden Greats$3.00
11104545265  USED4/7/2017  VengaboysParty Album$5.95
11104546655  USED4/7/2017  Ventures1 000 000.00 Weekend$3.00
11104547925  USED4/7/2017  Warren G12 What's Love Got To Do With It$3.00
11104545415  USED4/7/2017  Wertheimer BenjySoul of the Esraj$4.95
11104547915  USED4/7/2017  White boys12 This is Hardcore Is it not ?$3.00
11104545045  USED4/7/2017  White ZombieAstro Creep 2000$6.95
11104547935  USED4/7/2017  Whodini12 Six$3.00
11104546535  USED4/7/2017  Wills BobNashville's Fiddlin Man$3.00
11104545155  USED4/7/2017  Zombie RobHellbilly Deluxe$6.95