Things To Keep In Mind With Our Used Selections

Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 4/22/2019
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11105092815  USED4/22/2019  BELLE & SEBASTIANWRITE ABOUT LOVE (DIG)$5.95
11105092945  USED4/22/2019  Blige Mary JDance for Me$5.95
11105092525  USED4/22/2019  Buffett JimmyTake The Weather With You$5.95
11105092545  USED4/22/2019  Cash JohnnyJohnny Cash$4.95
11105092575  USED4/22/2019  ChicagoChicago 16$4.95
11105092255  USED4/22/2019  Clear LightClear Light$16.95
11105092875  USED4/22/2019  Darin BobbyUltimate$5.95
11105092425  USED4/22/2019  Etheridge MelissaNever Enough$5.95
11105092585  USED4/22/2019  Etheridge MelissaSkin$4.95
11105092655  USED4/22/2019  Getz Stan / Gilberto JoaoGetz/Gilberto 2$5.95
11105092495  USED4/22/2019  Gill VinceHigh Lonesome Sound$5.95
11105092275  USED4/22/2019  GOTH AS FUCK / VARIOUSGOTH AS FUCK / VARIOUS # 92 / 300 (Red Vinyl)$19.95
11105092385  USED4/22/2019  HeartBad Animals$5.95
11105092865  USED4/22/2019  HiroshimaGo$5.95
11105092405  USED4/22/2019  Indigo GirlsIndigo Girls$4.95
11105092395  USED4/22/2019  Indigo GirlsNomads Indains Saints$4.95
11105092415  USED4/22/2019  Indigo GirlsSwamp Ophelia$4.95
11105092595  USED4/22/2019  Keith TobyBig Dog Daddy$4.95
11105092855  USED4/22/2019  Keith TobyDream Walkin$4.95
11105092465  USED4/22/2019  Lauper CyndiTrue Colors$5.95
11105092505  USED4/22/2019  LonestarI'm Already There$5.95
11105092345  USED4/22/2019  MadonnaMusic$5.95
11105092355  USED4/22/2019  MadonnaTrue Blue$5.95
11105092445  USED4/22/2019  Matthews Dave BandBusted Stuff$5.95
11105092515  USED4/22/2019  Mcentire RebaGreatest Hits$5.95
11105092335  USED4/22/2019  McEntire RebaReba$5.95
11105092325  USED4/22/2019  McEntire RebaRoom to Breathe$5.95
11105092485  USED4/22/2019  McGraw TimEverywhere$5.95
11105092225  USED4/22/2019  RailRail Three$14.95
11105092635  USED4/22/2019  RatatatClassics$6.95
11105092765  USED4/22/2019  RefusedShape of Punk to Come - Chimerical Bombination in$6.95
11105092955  USED4/22/2019  ReplacementsStink$6.95
11105092925  USED4/22/2019  RideNowhere$5.95
11105092755  USED4/22/2019  Rilo KileyMore Adventurous$6.95
11105092315  USED4/22/2019  Rimes LeannEarly Years: Unchained Melody$5.95
11105092845  USED4/22/2019  Talking HeadsMore Songs About Bui$6.95
11105092785  USED4/22/2019  Veirs LauraYear of meteors$6.95
11105092725  USED4/22/2019  Ward MPost-War$5.95
11105092455  USED4/22/2019  WhamMake It Big$5.95
11105092885  USED4/22/2019  WHOGREATEST HITS$6.95
11105092745  USED4/22/2019  WilcoBeing There$5.95
11105092705  USED4/22/2019  WilcoGhost is born$6.95
11105092935  USED4/22/2019  Wilson PhillipsWilson Phillips$4.95
11105092375  USED4/22/2019  Yearwood TrishaInside Out$5.95