Things To Keep In Mind With Our Used Selections

Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

If you would like to look at the new used arrivals for a different date, click on the day you want on the calendar at the right.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 2/2/2018
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11104745845  USED2/2/2018  AntagonistExist$6.95
11104745885  USED2/2/2018  AUF DER MAURAUF DER MAUR$6.95
11104745835  USED2/2/2018  AUF DER MAUR MELISSAOUT OF OUR MINDS$6.95
11104745695  USED2/2/2018  Belle & SebastianLazy Line Painter Jane (Box)$8.95
11104745945  USED2/2/2018  BlowoffBlowoff$5.95
11104745935  USED2/2/2018  BotchWe Are the Romans$5.95
11104745815  USED2/2/2018  Byrds (RMST)Turn Turn Turn (RMST)$5.95
11104745645  USED2/2/2018  DisturbedSickness$6.95
11104745675  USED2/2/2018  FEMMEFEMME$6.95
11104745745  USED2/2/2018  FlamingosComplete Chess Masters$6.95
11104745615  USED2/2/2018  GarbageBeautifulgarbage (Enh)$6.95
11104745605  USED2/2/2018  GarbageBleed Like Me$6.95
11104745635  USED2/2/2018  GarbageGarbage$6.95
11104745625  USED2/2/2018  GarbageVersion 2.0$6.95
11104745755  USED2/2/2018  Grateful DeadAnthem of Sun$6.95
11104742845  USED2/2/2018  HUGHES BILLDREAM MASTER$5.00
11104745855  USED2/2/2018  JUMBOS KILLCRANESLOW DECAY$5.95
11104745795  USED2/2/2018  LED ZEPPELINLED ZEPPELIN 1 (RMST)$7.95
11104745665  USED2/2/2018  Linkin ParkLive in Texas$8.95
11104743775  USED2/2/2018  Nelson SandyTeen Drums$3.00
11104745875  USED2/2/2018  No DoubtNo Doubt$5.95
11104745925  USED2/2/2018  No DoubtReturn of Saturn$6.95
11104745705  USED2/2/2018  Otto JamesSunset Man$5.95
11104742805  USED2/2/2018  Parton Dolly / Ronstadt Linda / Harris Trio$5.00
11104743865  USED2/2/2018  Playinun BlondeAlien Shores$3.00
11104745725  USED2/2/2018  Railroad EarthBird in a House$6.95
11104745765  USED2/2/2018  Reed LouNew York$6.95
11104745735  USED2/2/2018  SmithereensBlown to Smithereens: Best of$6.95
11104745805  USED2/2/2018  Spinal Tap / O.S.T.Spinal Tap / O.S.T.$6.95
11104745595  USED2/2/2018  Thile ChrisStealing Second$6.95
11104745575  USED2/2/2018  Vincent RhondaAll American Bluegrass Girl$5.95
11104745585  USED2/2/2018  Vincent RhondaBack Home Again$6.95
11104745685  USED2/2/2018  WARPAINTFOOL$6.95
11104745915  USED2/2/2018  YesFragile$5.95
11104743295  USED2/2/2018  Young NeilRe-Ac-Tor$7.95