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Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 12/6/2018
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11104996485  USED12/6/2018  ABBAGOLD$6.95
11104996535  USED12/6/2018  BachViolin Concertos$4.95
11104996495  USED12/6/2018  BasiaTime And Tide$4.95
11104996505  USED12/6/2018  BEACH BOYSSIGHTS & SOUNDS OF SUMMER (W/DVD) (LTD)$9.95
11104996525  USED12/6/2018  Blues TravelerFour$5.95
11104996695  USED12/6/2018  Brahms / Bloom / Serkin / TreeSextet 2 / Horn Trio$5.95
11104996665  USED12/6/2018  Canadian Brass / Purcell / Handel / TalFireworks$5.95
11104996705  USED12/6/2018  Carlos WalterSwitched On Bach$5.95
11104996645  USED12/6/2018  Chesnutt MarkLongnecks & Short Strories$5.95
11104996635  USED12/6/2018  Cirque Du SoleilDralion$5.95
11104996625  USED12/6/2018  Clapton EricUnplugged$5.95
11104996605  USED12/6/2018  Conniff RayFriendly Persuasion$4.95
11104996585  USED12/6/2018  Cosby BillIs A Very Funny Fellow$4.95
11104996595  USED12/6/2018  Costello Elvis and the AttractionsVery Best of$5.95
11104996385  USED12/6/2018  Dylan BobGreatest Hits$5.95
11104996395  USED12/6/2018  ENYAAMARANTINE$6.95
11104996405  USED12/6/2018  Foxworthy JeffGames Rednecks Play$4.95
11104996685  USED12/6/2018  HandelWater Music$4.95
11104996375  USED12/6/2018  Heatherly EricSwimming in Champagne$4.95
11104996675  USED12/6/2018  HolstPlanets$5.95
11104996365  USED12/6/2018  Isaak ChrisForever Blue$5.95
11104996655  USED12/6/2018  Kunzel Erich / Cincinnati PopsCeltic Spectacular$5.95
11104996355  USED12/6/2018  McCartney PaulAll The Best$6.95
11104996735  USED12/6/2018  McEntire RebaGreatest Hits 3: I'm a Survivor$5.95
11104996745  USED12/6/2018  McEntire RebaRoom to Breathe$5.95
11104996455  USED12/6/2018  McGarrigle Kate & AnnaDancer with Bruised Knees$6.95
11104996445  USED12/6/2018  McGarrigle Kate & AnnaMatapedia$6.95
11104996435  USED12/6/2018  Midler BetteDivine Collection$4.95
11104996475  USED12/6/2018  O Brother Where Art Thou (Enh)O Brother Where Art Thou (Enh)$5.95
11104996465  USED12/6/2018  Orbison RoyMystery Girl$6.95
11104996765  USED12/6/2018  Original CastPhantom Of The Opera Highlight$5.95
11104996545  USED12/6/2018  Orlando Tony & DawnKnock Three Times: Encore Collection$5.95
11104996755  USED12/6/2018  Rascal FlattsMe and my gang$5.95
11104996725  USED12/6/2018  SadeBest of Sade$5.95
11104996515  USED12/6/2018  Slim DustyVery Best of$5.95
11104996715  USED12/6/2018  Sting (25th Anniversary Edition) / O.S.Sting (25th Anniversary Edition) / O.S.T.$5.95
11104996555  USED12/6/2018  Strait GeorgeStrait From the Heart$5.95
11104996425  USED12/6/2018  Talbot John MichaelEmpty Canvas$5.95
11104996575  USED12/6/2018  TellemannConcerti Di Flauti$5.95
11104996565  USED12/6/2018  The Big Chill O.S.T.The Big Chill O.S.T.$5.95
11104996415  USED12/6/2018  Various ArtistsSounds and songs of Humpback whales$4.95
11104996615  USED12/6/2018  Williams MasonClassical Gas$5.95