Things To Keep In Mind With Our Used Selections

Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

If you would like to look at the new used arrivals for a different date, click on the day you want on the calendar at the right.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 12/6/2017
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11104716655  USED12/6/2017  12 StonesAnthem for the Underdog$5.95
11104716445  USED12/6/2017  AMARANTHEAMARANTHE (UK)$8.95
11104716435  USED12/6/2017  AMARANTHEMASSIVE ADDICTIVE$6.95
11104716185  USED12/6/2017  Black CrowesBefore the Frost & Until the Freeze$6.95
11104716195  USED12/6/2017  Black CrowesLions$5.95
11104716545  USED12/6/2017  BLACK STONE CHERRYKENTUCKY$6.95
11104716335  USED12/6/2017  Bon Jovi7800 Degrees Fahrenheit (RMST)$5.95
11104716455  USED12/6/2017  FIREFLIGHTFOR THOSE WHO WAIT$5.95
11104716295  USED12/6/2017  KissSonic Boom$8.95
11104716575  USED12/6/2017  LAST VEGASSWEET SALVATION$6.95
11104716525  USED12/6/2017  MurderdollsBeyond the Valley of the Murderdolls$6.95
11104716535  USED12/6/2017  MURDERDOLLSWOMEN & CHILDREN LAST$6.95
11104716495  USED12/6/2017  SIXX AMMODERN VINTAGE$6.95
11104716595  USED12/6/2017  SIXX:A.M.PRAYERS FOR THE BLESSED$6.95