Things To Keep In Mind With Our Used Selections

Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 11/15/2017
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11104700795  USED11/15/2017  808 StateEx el $5.95
11104700445  USED11/15/2017  Ash DanielFoolish Thing Desire$4.95
11104700465  USED11/15/2017  Ash DanileComing Down$4.95
11104700825  USED11/15/2017  Balafon Marimba EnsembleBalafon Marimba Ensemble$5.95
11104700475  USED11/15/2017  Bowie DavidPlatinum Collection$17.95
11104700565  USED11/15/2017  Brubeck DaveTime Out (RMST)$5.95
11104700765  USED11/15/2017  Chapman TracyMatters of the Heart$5.95
11104700695  USED11/15/2017  Cray RobertTake Your Shoes Off$6.95
11104700775  USED11/15/2017  Depeche ModePlaying the angel$6.95
11104700925  USED11/15/2017  Little WilliesLittle Willies$5.95
11104700425  USED11/15/2017  Mars VoltaScab Dates$5.95
11104700625  USED11/15/2017  Nelson RickyBest of$5.95
11104700935  USED11/15/2017  PYLE CHUCKDRIFTERS WIND$6.95
11104700875  USED11/15/2017  Roth DavidIf You Can't Fly$5.95
11104700515  USED11/15/2017  RushVapor Trails$6.95
11104700555  USED11/15/2017  Secret MachinesNow here is nowhere$5.95
11104701035  USED11/15/2017  Sheaffer ToddDream of Love$5.95
11104700985  USED11/15/2017  Small FredJaguar$6.95
11104700915  USED11/15/2017  SPEKTOR REGINALIVE IN LONDON (W/DVD)$6.95
11104701055  USED11/15/2017  Staines BillAlaska Suite$5.95
11104700855  USED11/15/2017  Staines BillTracks & Trails$6.95
11104700735  USED11/15/2017  UnbandRetarder$6.95
11104700575  USED11/15/2017  Wainwright RufusRelease the Stars$5.95