Things To Keep In Mind With Our Used Selections

Our used items generally get added Monday through Friday. Generally they are added in the morning hours, however it isn't that usual for us to do them later in the day. We do not add new used items on the weekends.

Also please remember that we only have one of each item listed and they often times sell quickly. Call us at 541-683-6902 to have an item held, or order directly from the website.

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Displaying New Used Arrivals On 1/4/2019
Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price
11105009825  USED1/4/2019  BALTO 2 / BALTO 3BALTO 2 / BALTO 3$3.95
11105010105  USED1/4/2019  Benson GeorgeOther Side of Abbey Road$5.95
11105009325  USED1/4/2019  BERRY CHUCKYOW$6.95
11105009155  USED1/4/2019  Brother AliTruth is Here$6.95
11105009425  USED1/4/2019  Carpenter Mary ChapinCalling$5.95
11105009055  USED1/4/2019  Chali 2NaFish Outta Water$6.95
11105009415  USED1/4/2019  Chapman TracyTracy Chapman$5.95
11105008125  USED1/4/2019  Crosby David / Nash GrahamWhistling Down the Wire$3.00
11105009875  USED1/4/2019  DATE NIGHT / (WS AC3 DOL)DATE NIGHT / (WS AC3 DOL)$3.95
11105010175  USED1/4/2019  Franklin ArethaBest of Aretha$5.95
11105009475  USED1/4/2019  Freese JoshSince 1972 Cd/DVD$5.95
11105006805  USED1/4/2019  Guitar BonnieAward Winner$5.95
11105007245  USED1/4/2019  Herman WoodyHeavy Exposure$5.00
11105009145  USED1/4/2019  Immortal TechniqueRevolutionary Vol. 2$6.95
11105009215  USED1/4/2019  IncubusFungus Amongus$5.95
11105009225  USED1/4/2019  INCUBUSTRUST FALL (SIDE A) EP (EP)$4.95
11105009835  USED1/4/2019  Kangaroo Jack / (WS Dub Sub Dol)Kangaroo Jack / (WS Dub Sub Dol)$3.95
11105009445  USED1/4/2019  Keys AliciaSongs in a Minor$6.95
11105007975  USED1/4/2019  KingfishKingfish$5.00
11105010225  USED1/4/2019  Kings of CalypsoKings of Calypso$5.95
11105009885  USED1/4/2019  LAST AIRBENDER / (WS AC3 DOL)LAST AIRBENDER / (WS AC3 DOL)$3.95
11105009855  USED1/4/2019  Lord of Rings: Fellowship of Ring (2PC)Lord of Rings: Fellowship of Ring (2PC) / (P&S)$4.95
11105008095  USED1/4/2019  MAHLER GUSTAVSONG OF LAMENT$3.00
11105009285  USED1/4/2019  MatisyahuLight$6.95
11105009465  USED1/4/2019  Morrison VanMoondance$5.95
11105008155  USED1/4/2019  Nyro LauraNew York Tendaberry$3.00
11105009455  USED1/4/2019  OllabelleRiverside Battle Songs$6.95
11105009365  USED1/4/2019  Osborne JoanLittle Wild One$5.95
11105010215  USED1/4/2019  Piaf EdithMaster Series$6.95
11105010165  USED1/4/2019  Piaf EdithVoice of the Sparrow: Very Best of Edith Piaf$6.95
11105010135  USED1/4/2019  Reggae SunsplashTribute To Bob Marley$6.95
11105009235  USED1/4/2019  Rise AgainstAppeal to Reason (Jewl)$6.95
11105009105  USED1/4/2019  RISE AGAINSTENDGAME (LTD) (ECO)$6.95
11105009065  USED1/4/2019  SAGE FRANCISLIFE$6.95
11105008075  USED1/4/2019  Seals & CroftsSummer Breeze$3.00
11105006945  USED1/4/2019  Steeleye SpanBelow the Salt$6.95
11105009345  USED1/4/2019  Sweet Honey In The RockSacred Ground$6.95
11105009395  USED1/4/2019  Taylor JamesGreatest Hits$5.95
11105006835  USED1/4/2019  TchaikovskyRomeo & Juliet$6.95
11105010185  USED1/4/2019  Third WorldBest Of Third World$5.95
11105010125  USED1/4/2019  Various - SKA BeatsVarious - SKA Beats$5.95
11105009895  USED1/4/2019  Wag the Dog / (WS)Wag the Dog / (WS)$3.95