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DAN AUERBACHWAITING ON A SONGReleased Friday, June 02, 2017
Price: $14.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
On the opening title track of his new solo album, Dan Auerbach sings a song about wanting to write a songbefore invoking the age-old myth that its often best to just stop trying and let the tune find you. Songs dont grow on trees/You gotta pick em out of the breeze, he sings on Waiting on a Song, a twinkly hit of countrified pop that, as the album cover suggests, sounds very much like it came wafting in as Auerbach reclined on a pile of leaves. But the end result is ultimately a testament to the great paradox of songwriting: it takes a lot of heavy lifting to make something that sounds so effortless. Now, comfortably entrenched in his Easy Eye Sound studio, Auerbachs approach for Waiting on a Song was a lot more like Planning for a Song. The album assembles a roots-rock dream team that includes famous names like John Prine, Duane Eddy, and Mark Knopfler, but also seasoned Nashville tunesmiths like Luke Dick, Michael Heeney, and David Ferguson. As per Music City tradition, songwriting for the album was treated like the job that it is, with tunes developed and recorded on a set weekly schedule.

BOBBY BARETHINGS CHANGE (DIG)Released Friday, May 26, 2017
Price: $13.99Country
Rugged country crooner Bobby Bares tough as nails reputation seems tempered somewhat, certainly if judged by his new album, the tellingly titled Things Change. Perhaps its the fact hes witnessed the passing of so many of his contemporaries. Or, maybe hes simply mellowing with age. Whatever the case, there are clearly some tears in his gruff demeanor, a combination of resignation and resilience thats unavoidable because its consistently implied.The trouble with angels is that they all fly away, Bare sings on The Trouble With Angels, one of many tracks that convey that sense of weary reflection. Granted, songs that boast titles like The End, Where Did It Go and Things Change dont necessarily bode well as far as optimism or determination are concerned.

Price: $24.99Rock & Pop

Price: $13.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop

DANZIGBLACK LADEN CROWNReleased Friday, May 26, 2017
Price: $15.99Metal / Goth
Still, his strength is his nuanced voice, his baritone and tenor as sultry as Jim Morrisons and his charisma informed by Johnny Cash and Elvis. On Black Laden Crown, his collaborators are mostly longtime henchmen, including Tommy Victor of the band Prong on lead and bass guitars and drummer Johnny Kelly from Type O Negative. But its that voice mournful, mysterious and powerful that kicks off the surprisingly laborious six-minute title track and makes it memorable...Ponderous musicality can be both mesmerizing and boring, and Black Laden Crown touches on both extremes, with The Witching Hour (apparently when the clock strikes 18, its nothing like youve ever seen) starting out nearly hypnotic, but at six-minutes long, winding up dull. And where Devil on Hwy 9 has a raging mid-tempo metal opening, the rockin road trip might have fared better if done by Rob Zombie, with the songs approach needing a dose of kicky high energy or kitsch.

EVANS FAITH & THE NOTORIOUS BIGKING & IReleased Friday, May 19, 2017
Price: $14.99 (sale priced)Rap
Constructed with rare and unheard verses from Big Poppa, producers such as DJ Premier, Just Blaze, Salaam Remi, Stevie J, and Chucky Thompson helped Faith blend her cunning vocals with the robust voice of the hip-hop legend. The New Jersey native says she was initially inspired by Natalie Coles Unforgettable With Love album over fifteen years ago. Her attorney actually reminded her of the project a few years back, and thats when she really began to take the recording process serious.Im a producer as well as a singer, so I actually put the albums sequence together [myself], but when I finally felt that I had it [right] I really felt like B.I.G. told me several times that Im doing a great job., explains Faith. She says Biggies spirit was right there in the studio with her the entire time. Evans wasnt concerned with trying to score a radio hit or sound like the Migos, but says her only goal was to create timeless music to extend B.I.G.s legacy.

FLOGGING MOLLY88985423992LIFE IS GOODReleased Friday, June 02, 2017
Price: $13.99 (sale priced)Punk / Hardcore
Having cracked the American Top Ten with their last album, Speed Of Darkness, self-styled Los Angeles Celtic punks Flogging Molly have taken six years to deliver the follow-up.Given theyve spent much of that time touring America and that Irish folk isnt subject to the vagaries of fashion, the gap has done them no harm, although they might have considered a live album in the interim, if only for a cut of the flourishing bootleg market. Then again, Dublin-born frontman Dave King was able to record this album in his home town, which was probably reward enough. Punk can be a relative term, especially when applied to California. In comparison to The Pogues, Flogging Molly sound more like The Nolans. In fact, the Saw Doctors are nearer the mark. But all their rousing expat energy, best heard on The Hand Of John L Sullivan, cant disguise a controlled finesse.

Price: $16.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
All versions of the Long Strange Trip soundtrack include previously unreleased material. The soundtrack mixes studio recordings with live performances. The 2-CD version features unreleased performances such as Dark Star from February 14, 1970 at The Fillmore East in New York City and the Brent Mydland-led Dear Mr. Fantasy > Hey Jude jam from July 2, 1989 at Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The Amazon-exclusive version adds nine tracks including a nearly 20-minute Eyes Of The World from August 6, 1974 at Roosevelt Stadium in New Jersey, a Stella Blue from July 5, 1981 in Oklahoma City and Days Between from October 18, 1994 at Madison Square Garden. One portion of the film focuses on the Grateful Deads famed Europe 72 Tour. The tour came to a close 45 years ago today at the Lyceum Theatre in London which turned out to be Ron Pigpen McKernans final show. Without spoiling anything from the movie, the Morning Dew from London plays a prominent role. Listen to the London 72 Morning Dew and the rest of the Long Strange Trip soundtrack:

Price: $12.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
To describe Halsey's sophomore album as ambitious would be an understatement. It actually begins with her speaking the prologue of 'Romeo and Juliet.' Shakespeare is kind of a tough act to follow. So full credit to Halsey for stretching herself on 'hopeless fountain kingdom,' an album that demands attention as the singer-songwriter explores new musical ground, often in noncommercial places. It's a complex, sober, riskier CD brimming with heartbreak from one of pop's most exciting artists. Halsey considers it a concept album and how well it works is debatable. But there's no denying the skill and desire involved.

MATISYAHUUNDERCURRENTReleased Friday, May 19, 2017
Price: $10.99 (sale priced)Reggae
Matisyahu may have found a unique niche in the Jewish reggae and hip hop scenes, and with the 2017 release of his sixth studio album Undercurrent, his religious convictions are woven into a stream of consciousness that flows between genres throughout the album. The album was described in a recent press release stating, The vulnerability felt throughout the lyrical narrative comes from acceptance in uncertainty. Step out into the Light sets the tone for the record, as Matisyahu delves into a musical reframing of the Jewish philosophical differences between the constant of faith and the immediacy of trust.

SONGHOY BLUESRESISTANCEReleased Friday, June 16, 2017
Price: $11.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop

Price: $12.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
On paper, his decision to work with famed producer Nigel Godrich for Is This the Life We Really Want? looks like a much-needed injection of new blood. After all, Godrichs signature sound has been a cornerstone in the legacies of Radiohead and Beck. His touch is immediately apparent from the outset, as Is This the Life opens with a ticking clock, bass played in the pulse of a heartbeat, and muffled voiceslike Radioheads OK Computer interlude Fitter Happier meets the iconic intro to Pink Floyds The Dark Side of the Moon cut Time. Before you can make out what the voices are saying, their cadence and tones suggest a broadcast of some kinda motif that runs through both Radio K.A.O.S. and Amused to Death.