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Price: $10.99 (sale priced)Metal / Goth
Entrails guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist comments: It feels great to finally do something serious with the two demos from 2009, Reborn and Human Decay. After multiple requests from fans asking about the demos I had to release the brakes on this, now or never. While we are working on the upcoming new Entrails full-length, we feel better to do this release now which gives a bit more time for upcoming shows and the new album!

FALLUJAHFLESH PREVAILSReleased Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Price: $10.99 (sale priced)Metal / Goth
The first half of The Flesh Prevails builds steam from the first moments of Starlit Path through The Night Reveals only to drop in energy for the start of fast-paced, but free title track, which repeats the melodic motif from The Night Reveals through warbling guitar leads, culminating in a brief, but well-earned bout of heaviness. Going into the latter half, things get a bit more diverse; Andrew Bairds drumming becomes less uniformly blasty, the bass plays more complex and prominent lines (especially in Levitation) and atmospheres become wider.

HED PEEVOLUTIONReleased Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Price: $12.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
(Hed)pe has their sights firmly set on the New World Order and they are usingtheir brand of hardcore to bring it down. While early (Hed)pe albums foundthem mixed up in the rock n roll lifestyle, the group have been reborn tobecome the voice for a movement that empowers the youth and exploresSecret World History, and at the same time promotes unity and politicalactivism. Always pushing the envelope, (Hed)pe s new album EVOLUTIONis built on heavy dark riffs and deep, solid grooves.

KING OF ASGARDKARGReleased Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Price: $10.99 (sale priced)Metal / Goth
KARG, barren is Swedish, was the wrong word to use for this album. KARG is further from being barren than a major city is. Metal Blade Records have shown over and over again why they are at the top of the metal community and why we all know them, from the early days of getting METALLICA found, all the way up to their signing of CANNIBAL CORPSE, they show over and over again why the control the metal world. KING OF ASGARD are no different, being on the forefront of Melodic Death Metal (or as some will call it in this case Viking Metal).

MUTILATION RITESHARBINGERReleased Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Price: $10.99 (sale priced)Metal / Goth
Now, Mutilation Rites exhales Harbinger, a decimating follow-up that writes a new chapter for the Rites and gives those heads something else to bang to. Its their second for Prosthetic, and its terse, spiteful tones were mastered by the fingers-in-all-pies James Plotkin. We here at Decibel are certainly grateful, and you should be, too.

NICO VEGALEAD TO LIGHTReleased Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Price: $10.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
Los Angeles alt-rock trio Nico Vega set their sights on pop stardom, enlisting multiple producers to help craft their hooky second album Lead to Light. In the five years since their 2009 self-titled debut, they've added a pair of EPs to their catalog which saw their evolution from jagged-edged, guitar-based rockers to more of a pop act with an attitude. As before, the entry point for Nico Vega is the intense voice of singer Aja Volkman, who vamps, howls, and coos throughout this varied set which, at 15 tracks,