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311MOSAICReleased Friday, June 23, 2017
Price: $14.99Rock & Pop
'We wanted a title that pointed to our collective nature. Something that referred to the eclectic style of our music and the bond between the band members and our fans-and this title really captures that,' singer Nick Hexum said of Mosaic in a statement. 'The key word for this set of tunes is innovation. We went in some new directions, which will surprise people. Music is a never-ending journey.' The 17-song Mosaic is available to preorder now at 311's Pledge Music page. The album is the band's first new album since 2013's Stereolithic. 311 also recruited an odd mlange of famous fans from No Doubt's Adrian Young and Tony Kanal and Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson to comedian Eric Andre and retired baseball player Omar Vizquel to wish fans a happy 311 Day in the clip below.

BIG BOIBOOMIVERSEReleased Friday, June 16, 2017
Price: $11.99 (sale priced)Rap
Big Boi as a dependable record maker who will always make music worth checking for, no matter what else is going on around him. Hes not really in a position to be competing against Migos on rap radio, and he doesnt want to, at allThe Super Bowl ring hand is full, he told Pitchfork in 2012so he embraces his parallel universe. Everyone on Boomiverse sounds out of touch and fantastic. Snoop Dogg, Killer Mike, Kuruptthey are all leaning into the pits and crags in their voices, embracing their age as a sort of superpower. Big Rube pops up on the opening, Organized Noize-produced Da Next Day, and he sounds approximately six thousand years old: True fusion only occurs at the heart of a star, he rumbles, which is not really a sentiment for the squeaky-voiced anyway.

Price: $19.99Blues
'Despite being among the most ambitious things I've done I played with a 9 piece acoustic band It came out great. It was a typical Joe freak show.' (Joe Bonamassa)Everyone knows the old saying about how to get to Carnegie Hall, but Bonamassa has truly lived that advice. His entire life and musical career had been practice for this moment, and a young blues-boy finally made good on a childhood dream of playing one of the most hallowed stages in the world.This stripped down, all-acoustic show allowed his fans a glimpse into his soul and presented a thrilling and musically dangerous spectacle akin to walking a tightrope without a net.

Price: $13.99 (sale priced)Country
It seems like Earle's been reading up on his firefighting history for the rugged two-stepper 'The Firebreak Line.' Its forest fireman narrative revolves around the heroic deeds of real-life forest ranger Ed Pulaski during the Great Idaho Fire of 1910. But there's nothing heroic about the narrator of the ferocious 'Fixin' to Die.' Fueled by a guitar assault far nastier and more rocking than anything Waylon ever attempted, it follows a cuckold's journey from fatal retribution to the last mile.But while the first half of the album is heavily front-loaded with snarling hard-chargers, the subtler side of Earle's vision is given more room on the second half. Written and sung with Miranda Lambert, 'This Is How It Ends' is a bittersweet look at the unwinding of a marriage, a topic that both Earle and Lambert know a bit about. 'You Broke My Heart' sidles up to the same subject, but with an old-school, acoustic-based front-porch feel

FLEET FOXESCRACK-UPReleased Friday, June 16, 2017
Price: $14.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
On June 16, Fleet Foxes release Crack-Up, their first new album in six years. According to frontman Robin Pecknold, they pick up literally where they left off on Helplessness Blues. On the Fleet Foxes subreddit, a fan suggested that Helplessness Blues closer Grown Ocean seemed slightly incomplete, and that the lyrics feel like they end too soon, that a final chord or line is missing that would tie things up. For those reasons, the fan theorized that the new record will begin on an F note so that Helplessness Blues blends seamlessly into it and bridges two albums made six years apart. Pecknold has confirmed the theory: First note on new album is F for exactly this reason, first main song chord is Bb / F for this reason too, never thought anyone would think about it besides me but you nailed it!

HAIMSOMETHING TO TELL YOUReleased Friday, July 07, 2017
Price: $12.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
Lyrically, Something To Tell You is almost entirely an album about relationships about falling in love and drifting apart and realizing that you want to be with someone again and realizing that you do not want to be with someone again. On paper, the albums words are a bit trite and simplistic: You dont wanna give and you dont want to know how / If you were gonna change things, you wouldve by now. But when in Danielle Haims voice conversational, rhythmically precise, completely confident in whatever its saying those simple lyrics gain a directness and a profundity. As a singer, shes only gotten better, staying cool and unflappable while her sisters layer on the complex backing harmonies, dancing all around her. In interviews and onstage, Danielle can fade into the background while her sisters goofiness takes over everything. But on record, Danielle is the absolute and unquestioned leader, the calm at the center of everything.

JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNITNASHVILLE SOUNDReleased Friday, June 16, 2017
Price: $11.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
The idea of a homespun artist like Isbell eclipsing any number of corporate country megastars as the public face of the Nashville sound is far-fetched, but its no longer entirely laughable. The bro-country backlash has made Isbells cerebral, folky brand of songwriting somewhat en vogue to the point that even the most mainstream country artists have started chasing at least the perception of the rootsy authenticity he exudes.Even if Isbell only plays a miniscule role in defining what comes out of Nashville these days, hes exercising that influence the best he can on The Nashville Sound. The album is more eclectic and energetic than his other recent efforts, which have seen Isbells voice and vitality as a songwriter crystallize just as his sound, for better or worse, has become slicker and more uniform. It may not entirely be the full-throated return to rock we were promised, but its convincing evidence that the Nashville sound can and should encompass more than countryalternative or otherwiseand mean more than just somber acoustic dirges about sobriety and marriage.

LORDEMELODRAMAReleased Friday, June 16, 2017
Price: $12.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
Of Lordes few insights to date into new album Melodrama, a theme has been imagery relating to parties. In a note ahead of the LPs announcement, she concluded, The party is about to start. I am about to show you the new world. She later described the narrator of Green Light as that drunk girl at the party dancing around, crying about her ex-boyfriend, who everyone thinks is a mess. Thats her tonight and tomorrow she starts to rebuild. Turns out these werent throwaway comments: The entire album depicts the trajectory of a single house party, Lordes latest New York Times interview reveals. The concept, apparently applied in a way thats impressionistic rather than schematic, helped cohere the albums themes, Lorde explained: With a party, theres that moment where a great song comes on and youre ecstatic, and then theres that moment later on where youre alone in the bathroom, looking in the mirror, you dont think you look good, and you start feeling horrible.

MELVINSWALK WITH LOVE & DEATH (WAL) (SLIP)Released Friday, July 07, 2017
Price: $20.99Punk / Hardcore
Melvins have always been a band to tread elsewhere than the beaten path. From their uncompromising sojourn on major label Atlantic Records in the mid-90's to their leftfield collaborations with Lustmord and Jello Biafra, this is one group that feels no compulsion to feed their fans anything they'd previously come to expect which is exactly why they remain so revered among fans of metal, punk and all forms of experimental music a solid three decades into their existence. Strangely enough, then, A Walk With Love and Death marks the band's first double album, and in true restless form there's not much consistency to be had here either. In fact, the album is essentially two radically divergent projects shoehorned into one package: a fairly conventional Melvins album for whatever that's worth called Death, followed by a full length film score for a short directed by a friend of the band, Jesse Nieminen (title, of course, Love).

RADIOHEADOK COMPUTER OKNOTOK 1997 2017Released Friday, July 07, 2017
Price: $11.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
Great records can conjure the illusion of being tailored specifically to whatever era the listener is in. Declaring 'Karma police, arrest this man!' alongside couplets like 'Ambition makes you look pretty ugly/Kicking, squealing Gucci little piggy,' as transcendent melodies vie with outbursts of anxiety, depression and technological hate. - OK Computer sounds pretty relevant right about now. Over the past 20 years, it always has.The news of this reissue remastered to no great improvement over its prior masterful version is a trio of unreleased songs long-awaited by Radiohead heads. All were recorded around the time of OK Computer; all are unimpeachably first-rate; and yet, all were sensibly left off the original. Nevertheless, they complete the picture of one of rock's greatest bands cresting their first creative peak.

JEFF TWEEDYTOGETHER AT LASTReleased Friday, June 23, 2017
Price: $11.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
Together At Last is a new album by songwriter and guitarist Jeff Tweedy. It features the Wilco bandleader performing eleven of his own songs, culled from the Wilco catalog as well as from side-projects Loose Fur and Golden Smog, in a solo acoustic setting. Recorded at Tweedys Chicago recording studio The Loft, Together At Last showcases Tweedys accomplished and intricate guitar playing and his expressive, plaintive voice, and while audiences have experienced Tweedy live onstage as a solo performer for years, this is the first studio recording of its kind for the acclaimed musician.

ZZ WARDSTORMReleased Friday, June 30, 2017
Price: $11.99Rock & Pop
The Storm is well worth the wait. While ZZ Ward has definite pop appeal, she certainly isnt leaving her blues influences behind.ZZ Ward grew up on the blues listening to Howlin Wolf, Robert Johnson and Big Mama Thornton, and that influence is clear from the get-go. Ghost is the opening track, which is raw, folksy, and bluesy and that theme continues on Cannonball. 2017 Grammy Award winner Fantastic Negrito joins Ward on the track, which showcases ZZ on harmonica. The single, Help Me Mama follows and highlights ZZs powerhouse vocals. Next up is the title track, which begins with just ZZs vocals and piano and is about weathering through the tough times in life.