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Price: $12.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
Eric Clapton has often stated that JJ Cale is one of the single most important figures in rock history, a sentiment echoed by many of his fellow musicians. Cale s influence on Clapton and many of today s artists cannot be understated. To honor JJ s legacy, a year after his passing, Clapton gathered a group of like-minded friends and musicians for Eric Clapton & Friends - The Breeze (An Appreciation of JJ Cale). With performances by Clapton, Mark Knopfler, John Mayer, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty, Derek Trucks and Don White, the album features 16 beloved JJ Cale songs and is named for the 1972 single 'Call Me The Breeze.'

Price: $9.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
This month they rejoin producer Brian Deck who helmed their 2008 release Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings (as well as an impressive list of others from Iron and Wine to Modest Mouse) for their seventh studio effort Somewhere Under Wonderland. Over the course of the records nine tracks, Counting Crows yet again demonstrate their innate ability to serve as pop-rocks preeminent chameleons. Case in point is the prog-pop opus that is album opener and lead single Palisades Park it opens with some gentle piano and muted trumpet and over its 8 minutes and 21 seconds, travels everywhere from earnest, lyrically candid piano balladry to ballsy, 70s-radio riff-rock.

Price: $14.99Rap
'In this process, not that much has changed,' DJ Babu said at the time. 'You'd be surprised how easily you fall back into your roles and understand where you fit in with each other. Being in the studio is definitely something that we love and something that we would probably do whether we had a Dilated album to work on or not. We're like studio rats. Ev was definitely producing the shit out of this record. All of us, but Ev was really striving for a sound. We still are striving for a particular cohesive sound that we're trying to get. Things have changed since we've been around, but we're trying to walk a fine line between keeping it classic and pushing it forward.

DR JOHNSKE-DAT-DE-DAT: SPIRIT OF SATCHReleased Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Price: $13.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
Ske-Dat-De-Dat...The Spirit Of Satch honors Armstrong's musical genius as well as his effervescent personality with 13 quintessential numbers drawn from various phases of Armstrong's five-decade career, with Dr. John joined by a stellar supporting cast that manages to update the material while maintaining the music's timeless emotional appeal. In addition to Dr. John's trademark vocals and piano, and backup from some of New Orleans' finest musicians, Ske-Dat-De-DatThe Spirit Of Satch features a stellar assortment of guest singers and players. Bonnie Raitt shares the spotlight on a swinging reading of 'I've Got the World on a String,' Ledisi and the McCrary Sisters lend gospel authority to 'Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen,' Anthony Hamilton is featured on a mournful 'Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child,' Shemekia Copeland trades verses with Dr. John on a playful reworking on 'Sweet Hunk O' Trash,' and the Blind Boys of Alabama lend their powerful voices to 'What a Wonderful World' and 'Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams.'

EARTHPRIMITIVE & DEADLYReleased Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Price: $11.99 (sale priced)Metal / Goth
Immediately, two things about Primitive and Deadly leap out. First, the guitars and bass are much more distorted than those on the last four records, resulting in a heavier sound that hearkens back a bit to Earths early days. Second, lo and behold, there are a few vocals, courtesy of Mark Lanegan, known for his work in Screaming Trees and Queens Of The Stone Age, and female singer Rabi Shabeen Qazi of Seattle psychedelic rock band Rose Windows.

GASLIGHT ANTHEMGET HURTReleased Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Price: $12.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
Fifth studio album, produced by Mike Crossey (The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys), sees The Gaslight Anthem push their raw, striped back rock 'n roll into new territory, drawing on a fresh palette of influences ranging across folk, punk, and Americana. The Gaslight Anthem has always been hard; with GET HURT, the New Jersey-based rock n roll band get heavy. Since coming together in 2007, the band has joyfully injected aspects of rocks most universal languages arena rock and barroom blues, folk and pure pop into punks round hole, ultimately forging its own powerful, populist sound.

IMOGEN HEAPSPARKS (DLX) (DIG)Released Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Price: $13.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
Says Heap, 'The album began with someone sending in the sound of striking a match for what became Lifeline in March 2011. I then dived into the most immense, intense creative 2 and a half years of my life that took me all over the planet, collaborating on so many projects with so many people and often totally spontaneously. The album is then in some ways for me grounded with fans' footprints bringing the finishing touch for the album art, as so many of them came along for the ride.'

Wiz KhalifaBlacc HollywoodReleased Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Price: $13.99 (sale priced)Rap
Despite sharing a title, Khalifa's 'True Colors' has nothing in common with the 1986 Cyndi Lauper smash of the same name. Featuring a tender, slow moving beat and a thumping bass, 'True Colors' features Khalifa singing about those who have stuck by him throughout the years.'I can do bad by myself / These days you never can tell / 'Cept the people who been with me and they know who they are / Yeah they know my true colors and they know who they are,' Khalifa sings in the chours.

Price: $13.99 (sale priced)Rock tributes
Country artists have long paid tribute to rock acts compatible with country music, from the Eagles to Buddy Holly to country-loving British acts the Beatles and Rolling Stones. But a heavy metal act like Motley Crue? For anyone listening to the arena-rock crunch in country music in recent years, country covering the Crue isn't a surprise at all. What may be surprise, though, is how ferociously some of country's more mild-mannered acts rise to the occasion. Rascal Flatts has never come close to rocking as hard as on its version of 'Kickstart My Heart,' which rightly opens the album and sets the bar for others to match.

Price: $13.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
Some time in the last few years Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers took a left turn. Maybe it was when Petty woke up in the night with the idea of reuniting his first band, Mudcrutch, to cut the album they never got a chance to make back in the early 70s. Maybe it was when the Heartbreakers assembled the mammoth multi-disc The Live Anthology....Hypnotic Eye is the 13th studio album from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and the first album from the band in four years. 'I knew I wanted to do a rock & roll record, ' Petty told Rolling Stone in April. 'We hadn't made a straight hard-rockin' record, from beginning to end, in a long time.'

SHABAZZ PALACESLESE MAJESTYReleased Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Price: $13.99Rap
Lese Majesty is the second album by Shabazz Palaces, the Seattle-based experimental hip-hop group featuring Palaceer Lazaro (aka Ishmael Butler, formerly of Digable Planets) and Fly Guy Dai (aka Tendai Maraire). Lese Majesty is not a launching pad for the group s fan base increasing propaganda. It is a series of astral suites, recorded happenings, shared. It was recorded and produced by Shabazz Palaces at at Protect and Exalt Labs, a Black Space in Seattle, Washington.

SOJAAMID THE NOISE & HASTE (DIG)Released Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Price: $12.99Reggae
DC-natives SOJA are thrilled to announce the release of new album 'Amid the Noise and Haste' on August 12 via ATO Records. It is band's fifth full-length and was produced by multiple GRAMMY award winning Jamaican producer Supa Dups (Bruno Mars, Eminem, Rihanna, John Legend). Featured guests include Michael Franti, Damian Marley, J Boog and Collie Buddz

SOLSTAFIROTTAReleased Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Price: $10.99 (sale priced)Metal / Goth
Notorious for, in similarity to other Scandinavian projects, having evolved from Black Metal into something more diverse and complex, Slstafir bring us their 5th full length, tta. In spite of continuing their journey in their particular voice, the Icelandic bands Black Metal origins are still noticeable there is an empowered rawness. You cant call Ssltafir Black Metal anymore, but you cant deny its not there either. Their rich variety and coherence makes it difficult to define in such a general way. Some could simply say post-rock, but lets call it chamber-tundra-metal for now.

SPOONTHEY WANT MY SOULReleased Tuesday, August 05, 2014
Price: $11.99 (sale priced)Rock & Pop
Everything about this record works beautifully, combining Spoon's traditional sound with subtle nuances and productions flourishes that build on what's come before. The opener Rent I Pay is instantly recognizable, carrying the group's attitude and energy in style. The album's title track is not only fun but once again will feel familiar to fans without coming off as recycled. Let Me Be Mine isn't far behind and reminds us of what this group can do with a solid beat and infectious groove. These throwbacks are stellar but they're only the beginning of where this record shines.

JOHNNY WINTERSTEP BACKReleased Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Price: $8.99 (sale priced)Blues
The album also will feature a host of special guests, including Eric Clapton, Ben Harper, Billy Gibbons, Joe Perry, Dr. John, Leslie West, Brian Setzer and Joe Bonnamassa.If there's good people, other good musicians, people enjoy it. I just love it,' Winter says. '[Step Back] is just to bring it to the people of today who haven't listened to the old music. It's better than anything they hear today.' Produced by Winter's guitarist, Paul Nelson, Step Back opens with Unchain My Heart, which features Winter and his band joined by the Blues Brothers horns. ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons is featured on Where Can You Be.I never had the opportunity to jam with him [in the Sixties and Seventies], Gibbons says. I was content to remain in awe and admiration.