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Item#   Label Media Arrived Artist Title Price Availability
11104918185  USED8/8/2018  FabianHold That Tiger$3.001-2 Days
11104828845  USED5/22/2018  Fabulous PoodlesMirror Stars$3.001-2 Days
11103378055  USED1/23/2013  Fabulous Thunderbirds12 Look At That$1.951-2 Days
11104851665  USED6/16/2018  Fabulous ThunderbirdsT-Bird Rhythm$3.001-2 Days
11105009585  USED1/6/2019  Face Off / (WS Ac3)Face Off / (WS Ac3)$3.951-2 Days
11101982505  USED7/16/2012  Face to FaceConfrontation$3.001-2 Days
11104964665  USED10/24/2018  Face to FaceFace to Face$3.001-2 Days
11104959765  USED10/18/2018  Fahrenheit 9/11Fahrenheit 9/11$3.951-2 Days
11104776645  USED4/5/2018  Fahrenheit 9/11Fahrenheit 9/11 / (WS Ac3 Dol)$3.951-2 Days
11105038415  USED2/14/2019  Failure To LaunchFailure To Launch Spec Coll Edt$3.951-2 Days
11101982965  USED7/16/2012  FAIRCHILDFairchild$3.001-2 Days
11105026355  USED1/27/2019  Fairchild BarbaraKid Stuff$3.001-2 Days
11103806095  USED6/5/2014  Faith PercyHollywood Serenade$3.001-2 Days
11103806085  USED6/5/2014  Faith PercyLeaving on a Jet Plane$3.001-2 Days
11103142275  USED7/16/2012  Faith PercyLeaving on a Jet Plane$3.001-2 Days
11103461655  USED4/25/2013  Faith PercyPlays Latin Themes For Young Lovers$3.001-2 Days
11103461145  USED4/24/2013  Faith Percy and his OrchestraClair$3.001-2 Days
11105002965  USED12/22/2018  Faithfull MarianneMarianne Faithfull$3.001-2 Days
11104848595  USED6/5/2018  Falco45 Vienna Calling$1.951-2 Days
11101982575  USED7/16/2012  Falcon BillyBilly Falcon$3.001-2 Days
11104099745  USED6/10/2015  Falconer RoderickVictory in Rock City$3.001-2 Days
11104959925  USED10/19/2018  Falling Down / (WS)Falling Down / (WS)$3.951-2 Days
11104993085  USED11/28/2018  Fame SoundtrackFame Soundtrack$3.001-2 Days
11104204025  USED10/27/2015  Family Library of Beautiful ListeningBroadway Hits$3.001-2 Days
11104204085  USED10/27/2015  Family Library of Beautiful ListeningConcert Favorites$3.001-2 Days
11104204075  USED10/27/2015  Family Library of Beautiful ListeningFolk Songs Of the World$3.001-2 Days
11104204045  USED10/27/2015  Family Library of Beautiful ListeningGreat Americam Composers Part 2$3.001-2 Days
11104204065  USED10/27/2015  Family Library of Beautiful ListeningGreat American Composers Part 1$3.001-2 Days
11104204105  USED10/27/2015  Family Library of Beautiful ListeningGreat Love Songs$3.001-2 Days
11104204035  USED10/27/2015  Family Library of Beautiful ListeningHollywood's Greatest Themes$3.001-2 Days
11104204055  USED10/27/2015  Family Library of Beautiful ListeningInternational Dance Festival$3.001-2 Days
11104204115  USED10/27/2015  Family Library of Beautiful ListeningMarches of all Nations$3.001-2 Days
11104204095  USED10/27/2015  Family Library of Beautiful ListeningTreasury Of Waltzes$3.001-2 Days
11105023825  USED1/25/2019  Fantastic 4 - W/SFantastic 4 - W/S$3.951-2 Days
11104744675  USED1/30/2018  Far CryMore Things Change$3.001-2 Days
11104977755  USED11/10/2018  Far From Home: Adventures of Yellow DogFar From Home: Adventures of Yellow Dog$3.951-2 Days
11104947625  USED9/21/2018  FAR OFF PLACEFAR OFF PLACE$3.951-2 Days
11103137165  USED7/16/2012  Fargo DonnaAll About a Feeling$3.001-2 Days
11101982855  USED7/16/2012  Fargo DonnaMiss Donna Fargo$3.001-2 Days
11104831495  USED5/24/2018  Fargo DonnaMy Seconf Album$3.001-2 Days
11103653475  USED10/24/2013  Fargo DonnaMy Seconf Album$3.001-2 Days
11103137145  USED7/16/2012  Fargo DonnaSeconf Album$3.001-2 Days
11103901025  USED9/21/2014  Fargo DonnaWhatever I Say Means I Love You'$3.001-2 Days
11104088495  USED6/8/2015  FARQUAHRFARQUAHR$3.001-2 Days
11104730135  USED1/7/2018  FARRELL JOELA CATEDRAL Y EL TORO (JPN)$3.001-2 Days
11104822335  USED6/17/2018  FARRENHEITFARRENHEIT$3.001-2 Days
11103992865  USED2/15/2015  Fashion45 Solso Impala$1.951-2 Days
11104936835  USED8/29/2018  FAST & THE FURIOUS (2001) / (AC3 DOL DUFAST & THE FURIOUS (2001) / (AC3 DOL DUB RPKG SUB$3.951-2 Days
11104977195  USED11/7/2018  FASTER (2010) / (WS AC3 DOL)FASTER (2010) / (WS AC3 DOL)$3.951-2 Days
11103198755  USED8/16/2012  Fatback BandRaising Hell$3.001-2 Days
11104266375  USED2/2/2016  FaustHighlights$3.001-2 Days
11104710005  USED12/2/2017  FehlmannsReady Made$3.001-2 Days
11101982895  USED7/16/2012  Felder DonAirborne$3.001-2 Days
11104600075  USED6/12/2017  Feldman VictorFiesta$3.001-2 Days
11103937495  USED11/8/2014  FELICIANO JOSEBAG FULL OF SOUL$3.001-2 Days
11103942985  USED11/23/2014  Feliciano JoseSings$3.001-2 Days
11105026635  USED1/27/2019  Feller DickNo word on me$3.001-2 Days
11104534965  USED3/21/2017  Felts NarvelThis Time$3.001-2 Days
11104770625  USED3/22/2018  Fender FreddieSince I met you baby$3.001-2 Days
11104834375  USED6/17/2018  Fender FreddyIf you don't love me$3.001-2 Days
11104770615  USED3/22/2018  Fender FreddyLive inside Louisian State Prison$3.001-2 Days
11104770635  USED3/22/2018  Fender FreddyTex-Mex$3.001-2 Days
11104141315  USED7/27/2015  FERGUSON JAYALL ALONE IN THE END$3.001-2 Days
11104141335  USED7/27/2015  FERGUSON JAYREAL LIFE AIN'T THIS WAY$3.001-2 Days
11104384005  USED7/30/2016  FERGUSON JAYREAL LIFE AIN'T THIS WAY$3.001-2 Days
11103582425  USED8/1/2013  Ferrante & Teicher10th Anniversary Golden Piano Hits$3.001-2 Days
11103616665  USED9/10/2013  Ferrante & TeicherBest of$3.001-2 Days
11103142615  USED7/16/2012  Ferrante & TeicherBest of$3.001-2 Days
11104961735  USED10/18/2018  Ferrante & TeicherIn a Souldful Mood$3.001-2 Days
11103578315  USED7/26/2013  Ferrante & TeicherKilling Me Softly$3.001-2 Days
11103771195  USED4/12/2014  FerronShadows On a Dime$3.001-2 Days
11104823705  USED6/17/2018  Ferry BryanBoys and Girls$3.001-2 Days
11103738285  USED2/26/2014  Fever12 Standing in the Shadows of Love$1.951-2 Days
11105027415  USED1/31/2019  Few Good Men / (WS Dub Spec Sub)Few Good Men / (WS Dub Spec Sub)$3.951-2 Days
11103402495  USED2/19/2013  Fiedler Arthur50 Years - 50 hits$3.001-2 Days
11104226565  USED11/23/2015  Fielder Arthur90 Minutes with Aruther Fielder$3.001-2 Days
11104226795  USED11/23/2015  Fielder ArthurEvening at the Pops$3.001-2 Days
11103304475  USED7/9/2012  Fifth Dimension45 Carpel Man / The Magic Garden$1.951-2 Days
11104991715  USED12/1/2018  Fight ClubFight Club$3.951-2 Days
11105038575  USED2/16/2019  Fight ClubFight Club$3.951-2 Days
11103337695  USED12/4/2012  Filo12 Free Love$3.951-2 Days
11104945635  USED9/23/2018  Final AnalysisFinal Analysis$3.951-2 Days
11104999855  USED12/14/2018  Fine Young Cannibals12 Don't Look Back$1.951-2 Days
11104955495  USED10/7/2018  FINEST HOURS / (AC3 DOL SUB)FINEST HOURS / (AC3 DOL SUB)$3.951-2 Days
11104037915  USED4/13/2015  Finian's Rainbow / O.B.C.Finian's Rainbow / O.B.C.$3.001-2 Days
11104266515  USED2/2/2016  Finzi GeraldChoral Music$3.001-2 Days
11104131975  USED7/21/2015  FirefallClouds Across the Sun$3.001-2 Days
11103754465  USED3/27/2014  FirefallClouds Across the Sun$3.001-2 Days
11103550575  USED7/9/2013  FirefallElan$3.001-2 Days
11101981845  USED7/16/2012  FirefallLuna Sea$3.001-2 Days
11104977785  USED11/10/2018  Fireproof / (WS Dub Sub Ac3 Dol)Fireproof / (WS Dub Sub Ac3 Dol)$3.951-2 Days
11103975485  USED1/18/2015  Firm45 Radioactive$1.951-2 Days
11104828765  USED5/22/2018  FirmMean Business$3.001-2 Days
11104977325  USED11/7/2018  First BloodFirst Blood$3.951-2 Days
11104226475  USED11/23/2015  First Paino QaurtetDances not For Dancing$3.001-2 Days
11103142235  USED7/16/2012  Fisher EddieGreatest Hits$3.001-2 Days
11103142335  USED7/16/2012  Fisher EddieYong & Foolish$3.001-2 Days
11104872045  USED7/12/2018  Fisher MatthewJourney's End$3.001-2 Days
11104977235  USED11/7/2018  FIST FIGHT / (AC3 DOL DUB ECOA SUB)FIST FIGHT / (AC3 DOL DUB ECOA SUB)$3.951-2 Days
11105007825  USED1/5/2019  FITZGERALD ELLAELLA IN HOLLYWOOD$3.001-2 Days
11104516185  USED2/23/2017  Fitzgerald WinstonSelection of new Jigs Reels...$3.001-2 Days
11104807105  USED5/1/2018  Five Deez12 Kissy Face$1.951-2 Days
11104692255  USED11/2/2017  Five People You Meet in Heaven Five People You Meet in Heaven / (Dol)$3.951-2 Days
11101982905  USED1/8/2016  FIVE STARROCK THE WORLD $3.001-2 Days
11104960065  USED10/19/2018  FIVE WEEKS IN A BALLOON / (SEN)FIVE WEEKS IN A BALLOON / (SEN)$3.951-2 Days
11104828755  USED5/22/2018  FixxPhantoms$3.001-2 Days
11104389505  USED7/25/2016  FlairckVariaties Op Een Dame$3.001-2 Days
11103795045  USED5/13/2014  Flash & the PanLights in the Night$3.001-2 Days
11104876075  USED7/12/2018  Flatt & ScruggsFinal Fling$3.001-2 Days
11104818165  USED5/17/2018  Flatt & ScruggsFoggy Mountain Breakdown$3.001-2 Days
11105031645  USED2/10/2019  Fleetwood MacBare Trees$3.001-2 Days
11103550555  USED7/9/2013  Fleischman RobertPerfect Stranger$3.001-2 Days
11104977005  USED11/5/2018  Flicka / Flicka 2Flicka / Flicka 2$3.951-2 Days
11104726775  USED12/26/2017  Flight of Intruder / (WS)Flight of Intruder / (WS)$3.951-2 Days
11104948405  USED9/26/2018  Flightplan Flightplan / (WS Dub Sub Ac3 Dol)$3.951-2 Days
11104289325  USED3/3/2016  Floren MyronAccordian Concert$3.001-2 Days
11104428685  USED9/27/2016  Floren MyronBest of the Wurstfest$3.001-2 Days
11104289315  USED3/3/2016  Floren MyronPlays Great Schottische Hits$3.001-2 Days
11104207915  USED10/27/2015  Floren MyronShall We Dance$3.001-2 Days
11104289505  USED3/3/2016  Floren MyronSpanish Eyes$3.001-2 Days
11104632145  USED8/2/2017  FMBlack Noise (Can)$3.001-2 Days
11103976075  USED1/18/2015  Fogelberg Dan45 She Don't look Back$1.951-2 Days
11103577785  USED7/26/2013  Fogelberg DanCaptured Angel$3.001-2 Days
11104871715  USED7/12/2018  Fogelberg DanCaptured Angel$3.001-2 Days
11101981995  USED7/16/2012  Fogelberg DanHigh Country Snows$3.001-2 Days
11104234075  USED12/3/2015  Fogelberg DanNetherlands$3.001-2 Days
11101981985  USED7/16/2012  Fogelberg DanSouvenirs$3.001-2 Days
11104871725  USED7/12/2018  Fogelberg DanSouvenirs$3.001-2 Days
11103377835  USED1/23/2013  Fogerty John12 Eye of the Zombie$1.951-2 Days
11103352365  USED12/20/2012  Fogerty John12 Vanz Kant Danz$2.951-2 Days
11104896385  USED7/26/2018  Fogerty JohnCenterfield$3.001-2 Days
11103304515  USED7/9/2012  Foghat45 I Just Want To Make LoveTo You$2.951-2 Days
11104805935  USED5/2/2018  FOGHATBOOGIE MOTEL$3.001-2 Days
11104828555  USED5/22/2018  FOGHATBOOGIE MOTEL$3.001-2 Days
11104832095  USED5/24/2018  FoghatEnergized$3.001-2 Days
11105032045  USED2/7/2019  FoghatFoghat$3.001-2 Days
11103151155  USED10/15/2016  FoghatRock & Roll Outlaws$3.001-2 Days
11104945285  USED9/23/2018  FoghatStone Blue$3.001-2 Days
11104828535  USED5/22/2018  FOGHATTIGHT SHOES$3.001-2 Days
11101982115  USED7/16/2012  FOGHATTIGHT SHOES$3.001-2 Days
11101982145  USED7/16/2012  FOGHATTIGHT SHOES$3.001-2 Days
11104475215  USED1/2/2017  FOLEY ELLENNIGHTOUT$3.001-2 Days
11103838335  USED7/23/2014  Foley PhantomPiano Roll Magic Of$3.001-2 Days
11104022755  USED3/24/2015  FOLEY REDDear Hearts & Gentl;e People$3.001-2 Days
11104465835  USED12/11/2016  FOLEY REDGREATEST HITS$3.001-2 Days
11104088235  USED6/8/2015  FOLEY REDOLD MASTER$3.001-2 Days
11104115275  USED7/5/2015  FONDA JANEWorkout record$3.001-2 Days
11104389985  USED7/25/2016  FONDA JANEWorkout record$3.001-2 Days
11103150255  USED7/16/2012  FONDA JANEWorkout record$3.001-2 Days
11104825965  USED6/18/2018  FONDA JANEWorkout record$3.001-2 Days
11104878215  USED7/12/2018  FONDA JANEWorkout record$3.001-2 Days
11103549735  USED7/9/2013  FONTAINE FRANKHis All-Time Favorites$3.001-2 Days
11103559805  USED7/16/2013  FONTAINE FRANKSings lke crazy$3.001-2 Days
11104692295  USED11/2/2017  Fool & His Money (1989)Fool & His Money (1989)$3.951-2 Days
11103705145  USED1/16/2014  Fools GoldFools Gold$3.001-2 Days
11104877395  USED7/12/2018  Fools GoldFools Gold$3.001-2 Days
11104944565  USED9/15/2018  FootlooseFootloose - Special Collectors Edition$3.951-2 Days
11104977745  USED11/10/2018  For Your Eyes Only / (WS Dub Sub Ac3 DoFor Your Eyes Only / (WS Dub Sub Ac3 Dol Sen)$3.951-2 Days
11103551585  USED7/9/2013  Forbert SteveAlive On Arrival$3.001-2 Days
11104364405  USED6/28/2016  Forbert SteveAlive On Arrival$3.001-2 Days
11103273725  USED9/18/2012  ForceThe Force$3.001-2 Days
11104964205  USED10/23/2018  FORCE ROBERT & ALBERT D'OSSCHARTOF DULCIMER$3.001-2 Days
11104038265  USED4/14/2015  Ford Tennessee ErnieThere's A Song In mY Heart$3.001-2 Days
11104939645  USED9/7/2018  Ford Valerie12 Kepp This Feeling Alive$3.001-2 Days
11104389095  USED7/25/2016  Forester SistersSincerely$3.001-2 Days
11104692735  USED10/30/2017  Forget Paris / (WS)Forget Paris / (WS)$3.951-2 Days
11104959785  USED10/18/2018  ForgottenForgotten$3.951-2 Days
11104777065  USED4/7/2018  Forgotten (2004)Forgotten (2004) / (WS Dub Sub Ac3 Dol)$3.951-2 Days
11104099885  USED6/10/2015  Foster StephenSongs By Stephen Foster$3.001-2 Days
11104086645  USED6/8/2015  Foster StephenSongs By Stephen Foster$3.001-2 Days
11103654515  USED10/30/2013  Foster StephenStephen Foster's Social Orchestra$3.001-2 Days
11104131835  USED7/21/2015  FOTOMAKERVIS-A-VIS$3.001-2 Days
11103303295  USED10/21/2012  Fountain PeteLicorice Stick$3.001-2 Days
11103128535  USED7/16/2012  Fountain PeteLicorice Stick$3.001-2 Days
11103998605  USED2/20/2015  Fountain PeteLive Perforamnces in New Orleans$3.001-2 Days
11103128555  USED7/16/2012  Fountain PeteLive Performance in New Orleans$3.001-2 Days
11103128525  USED7/16/2012  Fountain PeteNew Orleans Tennessee$3.001-2 Days
11103746925  USED3/6/2014  Four AcesBest of$3.001-2 Days
11104235375  USED2/7/2016  Four SeasonsRag Doll$3.001-2 Days
11105031625  USED2/10/2019  Four TopsReach Out$3.001-2 Days
11104783335  USED1/27/2019  Frampton PeterI'm in You$3.001-2 Days
11104389575  USED7/25/2016  FRANCESCATTI ZINOLALO / BRUCH$3.001-2 Days
11104283155  USED2/24/2016  Franchi SergioLa Dolce Italy$3.001-2 Days
11104283145  USED2/24/2016  Franchi SergioOur Man From Italy$3.001-2 Days
11104615565  USED7/13/2017  Franchi SergioThis Is$3.001-2 Days
11103142165  USED7/16/2012  Francis ConnieHappiness$3.001-2 Days
11103668435  USED11/13/2013  Francis ConnieSings Folk Favorites$3.001-2 Days
11103142185  USED7/16/2012  Francis ConnieSings Folk Song Favories$3.001-2 Days
11105032655  USED2/9/2019  FRANCIS OF ASSISI (1961) / (SEN)FRANCIS OF ASSISI (1961) / (SEN)$3.951-2 Days
11104362905  USED6/23/2016  FranckSymphony in D Minor$3.001-2 Days
11104290215  USED3/2/2016  FranckSymphony in D Minor / Munch Boston Symphony$3.001-2 Days
11104726855  USED12/26/2017  Frank & JesseFrank & Jesse$3.951-2 Days
11103122685  USED7/16/2012  FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTSBelow the Belt$3.001-2 Days
11101982975  USED7/16/2012  FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTSBelow the Belt$3.001-2 Days
11101982555  USED12/18/2015  FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTSFRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS$3.001-2 Days
11103128675  USED7/16/2012  Franks MichaelSkin Dive$3.001-2 Days
11104822465  USED6/17/2018  Free AbeeliaEast To West$3.001-2 Days
11104516005  USED2/23/2017  Frew BobbyEdinburgh Castle Reel$3.001-2 Days
11104906475  USED7/30/2018  Frey GlennAllnighter$3.001-2 Days
11104906455  USED7/30/2018  Frey GlennNo Fun Aloud$3.001-2 Days
11103285115  USED9/27/2012  Fricke JanieFrom the Heart$3.001-2 Days
11103653275  USED10/24/2013  Fricke JanieLove Notes$3.001-2 Days
11104877045  USED7/12/2018  Fricke JanieVery Best of$3.001-2 Days
11103137265  USED7/16/2012  Frickie JanieBlack & White$3.001-2 Days
11104746625  USED1/29/2018  Frickie JanieLabor of love$3.001-2 Days
11105026315  USED1/27/2019  Frickie JanieSaddle the Wind$3.001-2 Days
11104333765  USED5/15/2016  FridaSomething's Going On$3.001-2 Days
11103346005  USED12/1/2012  FridaSomething's Going On$3.001-2 Days
11103607485  USED8/30/2013  FridaSomething's Going On$3.001-2 Days
11105032815  USED2/10/2019  Friday (1995) / (WS)Friday (1995) / (WS)$3.951-2 Days
11104955195  USED10/5/2018  Friday Night Lights Friday Night Lights / (WS Dub Sub Ac3 Dol)$3.951-2 Days
11104132425  USED7/22/2015  FriendshipFriendship$3.001-2 Days
11104290145  USED3/2/2016  Friml RudolfA Night With Rudolf Friml / De Vol$3.001-2 Days
11104561375  USED4/24/2017  FRIZZELL DAVIDFAMILY'S FINE BUT THIS ONE'S$3.001-2 Days
11103137235  USED7/16/2012  Frizzell David / West ShellyCarrin on the Family Name$3.001-2 Days
11104691335  USED10/28/2017  From Paris With LoveFrom Paris With Love$3.951-2 Days
11103148615  USED7/16/2012  Frye DavidI Am the President$3.001-2 Days
11103150135  USED7/16/2012  Frye DavidI Am the President$3.001-2 Days
11103337255  USED12/4/2012  Full Intention12 Stars$2.951-2 Days
11104726585  USED12/25/2017  Full Metal Jacket / (RMST)Full Metal Jacket / (RMST)$3.951-2 Days
11104871975  USED7/12/2018  FumbleFumble$3.001-2 Days
11104968395  USED10/26/2018  FUNKATEERS4 GIVE WHAT YOU GOT$3.951-2 Days
11105024245  USED1/27/2019  Funny Face (1957)Funny Face (1957) / (WS Sub)$3.951-2 Days
11105024155  USED1/27/2019  Funny GirlFunny Girl$3.951-2 Days
11103428925  USED3/25/2013  Furay RichieI Still Have a Dream$3.001-2 Days
11101982485  USED7/16/2012  FURAY RICHIESeasons of Change$3.001-2 Days
11104980335  USED11/13/2018  FURRY VENGEANCE / (AC3 DOL SUB WS)FURRY VENGEANCE / (AC3 DOL SUB WS)$3.951-2 Days
11104974965  USED11/6/2018  Furtwangler / MozartSym # 39$3.001-2 Days
11104956275  USED10/3/2018  FURY / (UVDC DOL DTS)FURY / (UVDC DOL DTS)$3.951-2 Days
11103287205  USED9/26/2012  FXPersonal$3.001-2 Days

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