Click here to see what the Register Guard had to say about our in-store shows. Below is a mostly complete list of who has played at our store. Additional pictures are available by clicking on the thumbnail images.

9/17/2016   Calvin Johnson / Selector Dub narcotic
6/7/2015   Halie Loren
12/14/2014   The CRY
12/13/2014   Sky-Fi & Bonham Stacey
8/14/2014   Against Me !
2/9/2014   Craig Chee
2/3/2014   Toad The Wet Sprocket
9/15/2013   Halie Loren
8/7/2013   Yellow Red Sparks
3/3/2013   Daniel Bachman
2/28/2013   Salvador Santana
11/18/2009   Weinland
11/7/2009   Curtis Salgado
10/19/2009   Matisyahu
10/17/2009   Finn Riggins
10/12/2009   Brother Ali Autograph Signing
10/8/2009   Bob Dylan Pre-show Party with Chicken Town
10/2/2009   Catherine Feeny
9/26/2009   Volifonix
9/25/2009   Blitzen Trapper
9/24/2009   Brandi Shearer
9/19/2009   Mayer Hawthorne Dj Set
8/15/2009   Fancy Bandits
8/8/2009   Fred Van Vactor
8/1/2009   Sons of Confusion
7/21/2009   William Fitzsimmons
7/21/2009   Jenny Owen Youngs
6/27/2009   Half Shark Half Jesus
6/16/2009   Paula Sinclair
6/13/2009   Braille
6/7/2009   Jason Lytle (formerly of Grandaddy)
5/30/2009   Cambio
5/29/2009   Yung If and Starbuks
5/28/2009   Langhorne Slim
5/25/2009   Memorial Day Grizzly Bear Release Party
5/23/2009   Break As We Fall
5/12/2009   Mike Doughty
4/18/2009   Record Store Day with Squirrel Nut Zippers
3/29/2009   Rootbeer w/Pigeon John
3/27/2009   Sam Wartenbee
3/23/2009   Decemberists 'Hazards of Love' Listening Party
1/20/2009   Pepper/Supervillains
1/6/2009   Animal Collective Listening Party w/Prizes
12/5/2008   The Phormula
11/25/2008   Demon Hunter '45 Days' DVD Viewing Party
11/23/2008   Ben Sollee
11/15/2008   Grrrlz Rock Showcase (Chesapeake Blue)
11/8/2008   Grrrlz Rock Showcase (Bajuana Tea/Suzanne Benorden)
11/4/2008   Joshua Radin
10/18/2008   Avid
10/11/2008   Moondoggies
9/23/2008   Earlimart
9/11/2008   Rykarda Parasol
9/3/2008   Monte Negro,Astra Heights,The May Fire
8/8/2008   Lisa Forkish
6/19/2008   Railroad Earth
6/6/2008   206 Degrees and Rising Tour
5/17/2008   Patrick HaydenEugene Garage Songwriter
5/15/2008   Pink SnowflakesPDX Psych/Pop
5/10/2008   Brooke ParrottBlues/Americana
5/2/2008   Sam WartenbeeEugene Songwriter
4/26/2008   YeltsinEugene Indie Pop
4/25/2008   Gary Reynolds and the Brides of ObscurityPsychedelic indie-rock with a heavy pop
4/19/2008   Record Store Day Free Show - Cave SingersSeattle Gothic Indie Folk
4/19/2008   Record Store Day Free Show - Wood BrothersBluesy Folk Americana
4/19/2008   Record Store Day Free Show - RedoxEugene Power-Pop
4/19/2008   Record Store Day Free Show - IngredientsEugene Indie Rock
4/5/2008   Cool NutzPortland Hip-Hop
3/29/2008   Greyboy AllstarsFunk/Soul/R&
3/27/2008   Steve PoltzAmericana
3/24/2008   Silverhawk Psychedelic / Americana / Rock
2/27/2008   Jeffrey Lewis and the JittersTragi-comic indie folk narratives
12/1/2007   Port O'Brien
11/30/2007   Lloyd JonesBlues
11/27/2007   Scissors for LeftyBay Area Indie Pop
11/25/2007   Watery Graves of PortlandExperimental/Punk/
11/17/2007   Grrlz Rock ShowcaseLocal Grrl Power
11/10/2007   Grrlz Rock ShowcaseLocal Grrl Power
11/8/2007   Wild Sweet OrangeIndie Pop
11/8/2007   The WhigsIndie Garage Pop
11/3/2007   Grrlz Rock ShowcaseLocal Grrl Power
10/31/2007   Jason WebleyAccordian Troubador
10/24/2007   Parson Red Heads60s tinged/Indie Pop/Jangle
10/20/2007   GalacticFunk/
10/16/2007   LevatorSeattle Mood Pop
10/7/2007   The EverybodyfieldsAmericana/
9/28/2007   HillstompPunk/Blues Duo
9/14/2007   CrosswalksPDX Indie Pop
9/8/2007   Brunch with the Brunettes
9/8/2007   Karl BlauK Records indie
9/3/2007   AggrolitesDirty
9/1/2007   Eugene Celebration Kidz Rock ShowcaseKidz Rock!
8/25/2007   Bi-Polar StarSeattle Alt Rock
8/22/2007   Mike Last, Whitton, Dave Berry, Kelly Rudick
8/19/2007   Unkle NancyEugene Indie Folk
8/14/2007Ehren EbbageAcoustic Songwriter
8/10/2007Slightly Stoopid Autograph SigningRock/Reggae/HipHop
7/19/2007   Nick BeardenAcoustic Folk/Rock
7/7/2007AvidNorthwest Rock and
6/30/2007Ginger HustlersEugene Mood-Rock
6/13/2007   Marianne Keith, Noah Sugarman, Peech
6/9/2007   LevatorAtmospheric Indie Pop
6/3/2007Blue Scholars,Common Market,Gabriel TeodrosWest Coast Independent Hip-Hop
6/2/2007Ingredients the BandIndie Rock
5/25/2007   TasteClassic Soul/R&B Covers
5/2/2007The Sterns
4/29/2007Cloud Cult
4/28/2007   Eugene 'Kidz Rock' ShowcaseLocal Kidz!
4/21/2007   Eugene 'Kidz Rock' ShowcaseLocal Kidz!
4/14/2007   Eugene 'Kidz Rock' ShowcaseLocal Kidz!
4/14/2007The Duhksfolk-rock-Celttemporary-L
4/7/2007Eugene 'Kidz Rock' ShowcaseLocal Kidz!
4/4/2007   Tyler FortierSongwriter
4/2/2007   Blinded BlackPop/Metal
4/1/2007   Blue Light CurtainShowgazer
3/29/2007Roman NumeralsIndie Pop/Goth
3/23/2007Willy Porter
3/20/2007No More Kings
3/10/2007   Al Rivers
2/21/2007   Silent EnvyPop/Punk
2/10/2007Of MontrealIndie Pop
2/9/2007Authority ZeroPunk/Reggae
2/3/2007Tony FurtadoBanjo/Slide Guitar
1/30/2007Rose Hill DriveClassic Power Blues/Rock
1/12/2007Meg & DiaFemale Powered Pop Rock
1/6/2007   ComfortersGentle Americana Pop
12/3/2006Greg LaswellSinger Songwriter
12/3/2006Amy Millan (of Stars/Broken Social Scene)Indie Pop Songwriter
11/11/2006Heavenly OceansIndie Pop
11/11/2006   Deblois MilledgeAcoustic Blues Tinged Folk
10/26/2006Zebulon of BabylonSocially Conscious Songwriter
10/25/2006   Myka 9Indie Hop Hop
10/7/2006Conrad FordIndie/Folk/Country
10/5/2006Charlie Sexton/Shannon McNallyAmericana Songwriters
9/23/2006Zox/Bedouin SoundclashPunk/Reggae/Rock
9/22/2006YoyodyneIndie Pop/Rock
9/17/2006Fifty Foot WaveIndie Rock
8/27/2006Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet
8/26/2006Andrew Heringer Folk Rock / Alternative / Acoustic
8/19/2006Emily JensenFolk
8/4/2006   Halie Loren
8/3/2006Railroad EarthBluegrass
8/3/2006Shiny Toy GunsIndie / Rock / Electronica
7/20/2006Mood Area 52Instrumental tango, lounge, cabaret, and exotica
7/15/2006   Dead Americans
7/11/2006On the OneFunk / Jazz / Soul
6/24/2006Inner LimitsJazz / Funk / Rock
6/10/2006SilasRoots Rock
6/7/2006The GlassesPop / Indie
6/2/2006LomitaShoegaze / New Wave / Rock
5/23/2006Mon FrereAlternative / Pop / Rock
5/14/2006Cloud CultEco-Friendly
5/13/2006The MoonboxAlternative
5/12/2006   Northwest RoyaleMetal
5/7/2006Sam Wartenbee
4/26/2006Asylum Street Spankers
4/8/2006   Tre Hardson (of the Pharcyde)Rap
4/7/2006Trespassers William
3/29/2006   Piper Downs
3/28/2006   Chris Brokaw
3/18/2006Frank Heinkel
3/14/2006Michael KayHip
3/12/2006Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
3/12/2006   Pat McGee
3/4/2006Crystal Skulls
3/4/2006Get Set Go
2/25/2006Cabinessence Psychedelic / Country / Rock
2/18/2006   'Pretty Faces' Broadway Review
2/11/2006Matt Vrba
2/7/2006One Block Radius
1/14/2006Genus Pro
12/10/2005Bill Rhoades & The Party Kings
11/23/2005Harry Manx
11/17/2005Juliette and the Licks
11/11/2005Village Green
11/5/2005Blues TravelerRock
10/29/2005Eleven EyesJazz
10/22/2005Eddie Spaghetti
10/15/2005Wow & Flutter
10/9/2005   Eugene Music Showcase
10/8/2005   Eugene Music Showcase
10/5/2005Sarah Sharp
10/1/2005   Lafa Taylor
9/30/2005   North Mississippi Allstars
9/29/2005   Reserved 16
9/25/2005Karney, Shelley Doty, Matt Vrba
9/24/2005Robert Dillon
9/23/2005   Waco Brothers
8/28/2005Rachael Sage
8/18/2005Autumn Poetry
8/16/2005   From Satellite
8/13/2005   Loquat
8/13/2005   The Empty
8/12/2005Mon Frere
8/6/2005   Dan Jones
7/29/2005   Robert Deeble
7/27/2005   Hieroglyphics
7/19/2005   Zonk
7/18/2005Brandi Carlile
7/15/2005Shelley James
7/6/2005Unknown Horizons
7/2/2005   Brody Lowe Band
7/2/2005Michael Jeans
6/17/2005The Perverts
6/16/2005Absent Society
6/11/2005   Yeltsin
6/5/2005   Steps to Lydia
6/5/2005   Inverse
6/4/200550 Foot Wave
6/3/2005   Android Ethic
5/28/2005Demimonde Slumber Party
5/27/2005Debra Arlyn
5/26/2005Matt the Electrician
5/18/2005Edwin McCain
5/10/2005Trashcan Sinatras
5/8/2005   Bethany Yarrow
5/6/2005Rock N Roll Soldiers
5/1/2005Adrian Legg
5/1/2005Steve Kimock Band
4/29/2005   Jerry Joseph
4/25/2005   deSol
4/24/2005   Living Legends
4/23/2005   Sound Tribe Sector 9
4/15/2005   Oslo
4/15/2005   Brian Cutean
4/9/2005   This Day's End
4/2/2005   David Jacob-Strain
4/2/2005   Monte Amundson
3/20/2005Carbon Leaf
3/19/2005   Pearl Django
3/10/2005   Sweater Club
3/5/2005   Ahimsa Theory
3/4/2005Deke Falcon
2/28/2005Gram Rabbit
2/23/2005   Sound Tribe Sector 9
2/22/2005   Skindred
2/9/2005   Martyn Joseph
1/31/2005Christine Lavin
1/27/2005Tom Griesgraber (w/ Jerry Marotta)
1/22/2005Android Ethic
12/18/2004   Jessie Marquez
12/3/2004White Hot Odyssey
11/19/2004   Flowmotion
10/31/2004Michael Franti
10/30/2004North Mississippi All Stars
10/29/2004Marc Broussard
10/8/2004   California Guitar Trio
9/24/2004Memphis Radio Kings
9/23/2004Tegan & Sara 'Oregon's Only Appearance'
9/11/2004Critters Buggin
8/20/2004Tony Furtado
6/17/2004Israel Vibrations
6/16/2004Red Elvises
6/5/2004Tracy Grammer
6/4/2004Cool Nutz
5/20/2004Beth Amsel (of Voices on a Verge)
5/19/2004Luther Wright & The Wrongs
4/30/2004Marcus Eaton & The Lobby
4/30/2004Derek Trucks Band
4/29/2004Tony Furtado & The American Gypsies
4/25/2004   Michelle Malone
4/25/2004   Eileen Hemphill-Haley
4/13/2004   Visqueen
4/10/2004Satya Yugo
4/9/2004Soul of John Black
3/23/2004Anne McCue
3/23/2004Chris Whitley
3/11/2004Clumsy Lovers
3/8/2004Rebirth Brass Band
2/7/2004ILL LIT
2/5/2004Leftover SalmonBluegrass
1/31/2004Soul of John Black
1/17/2004Chris Smither
12/19/2003Misty RiverBluegrass
12/19/2003Don Latarski
12/6/2003   Northwest RoyaleMetal
12/5/2003   Little Big Man
11/8/2003   North Mississippi All-Stars
11/6/2003   Michelle ShockedFolk
10/28/2003Jon BonamassaBlues
10/14/2003Poi Dog Pondering
7/12/2003Tegan & SaraRock
5/15/2003Michelle ShockedFolk
5/10/2003Ben Taylor
4/10/2003RhazelHip-Hop / Beat Box