1/27/2005 - Tom Griesgraber (w/ Jerry Marotta)

A lifetime in the making, A Whisper in the Thunder is Griesgrabers greatest work so far, culminating much of his extensive musical background. As an honors graduate of the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Tom had developed a strong foundation in the mechanics of music along with a thorough proficiency on the electric guitar. But he yearned for more: he became weary of conventional methods and was compelled to seek out a more atypical means of making music.This soul-searching came to a new beginning when Tom discovered the Chapman Stick, taking up the unique 12-string instrument shortly after watching a performance by Tony Levin with Jerry Marotta and Steve Gorn. In a dramatic move, Tom put his creative career on hold, set aside the guitar, and focused on the fresh and still mostly unexplored territory of the often unrecognized Chapman Stick.