9/23/2004 - Tegan & Sara 'Oregon's Only Appearance'

This is Tegan & Sara ONLY appreance in Oregon and you can catch them for free ONLY at CD World on West 11th on Thursday evening the 23rd of September. ay 5:30 pm. Don't miss this great singer songwriters duo.The sisters, who charmed live audiences with their salty stage banter even before their musicianship had matured, became a hit on the folk-dominated women's festival circuit. But there was always something in their songwriting that suggested pop. Their songs were built on infectious melodies and short repetitive choruses. Solo, both sisters sang with a tough veneer over a vulnerable, post-adolescent pridefulness. Together, their taut voices create an eerie blend that chimes as effortlessly as that of the Roches.But it wasn't until signing to Neil Young's Vapor Records at the age of 19 and touring with Mr. Young and the Pretenders in support of their folksy second album, 'This Business of Art,' that their music moved in another direction. The Quins turned to John Collins and David Caswell, the Vancouver producers responsible for the lush, insistent sound of the popular indie-rock band the New Pornographers, and thereafter Tegan and Sara's pop inclinations came to the fore.