10/17/2009 - Finn Riggins

Vs. Wilderness, Finn Riggins' fourth record and third for Tender Loving Empire, is a compositionally complex, dirty, extra-hooky gem of an album. Its undeniably bright pop sensibility is filtered through off-kilter time signatures and surprising chord progressions that delight and amuse. Finn Riggins will get to the payoff, but they take the road less traveled to get there. The band, comprised of University of Idaho music department grads Cameron Bouiss (drums, steel drum, drum pad, washboard, vocals, misc.), Lisa Simpson (guitars, keys, drums, vocals, misc.) and Eric Gilbert (keys, synths, organ, accordion, sampler, guitar, vocals, misc.), have emerged from the most intense year of their career to date with their most dynamic, satisfying work yet. On Saturday October 17th at 6pm Finn Riggins will be appearing live at CD World for free. Stop by, meet the band, and pick up a copy of Vs. Wilderness on sale!