5/29/2009 - Yung If and Starbuks

A native of Lagos, Nigeria, Yung If (born Ifelere Adeniji) has been exposed to much poverty, violence and death throughout his upbringing. He is no stranger to turmoil; as a toddler he was tear-gassed and he was stabbed at the age of 13. And after having witnessed the brutal death of his best friend, Yung If searched for an outlet for his inner pain and turned to hip-hop for his release. Hip hop music has always been a big part of Yung If's childhood; he grew up listening to great influential artists such as Tupac, Nas, and Eminem. Although a world away from the everyday grit and grind of urban America, Yung If saw his life in Lagos as a parallel struggle and strived to motivate and empower himself and others. By 11 years old, Yung If was writing and performing his own lyrics in front of his peers.

After moving to the U.S. at the age of 14, Yung If settled in Eugene, OR where he attendedhigh school and formed a friendship with a young aspiring hip-hop artist by the name of NOI.D. Together, this charismatic and animated duo took the city by storm..

Yung If and Starbuks perform a live set and shooting a video at CD World on Friday, May 29rd at 6pm!