3/27/2009 - Sam Wartenbee

'One would think that after putting out five albums in 2008, I might be ready for a break. That is clearly not the case. The ILLusionists are playing shows, making a new album and just produced a music video. I'm still playing acoustic shows. And now, I'm back to the heaviest shit I've written since This Day's End.Do not be misled! 'Counter Clockwise' is not a punk album. It is not an acoustic album. It is EVERYTHING that I know and love, with the exception of lyricism heard on the ILL records.There were many firsts on this recording: the first use of both piano and strings, the first reggae/ska song, the first collaboration with Nate Allen, the first time I played my own drums (not as a joke), and the first time I played with Ben Arp since the TDE CD release show in 2005.This is already being received as one of my best albums to date. I hope you will join me at CD World on March 27th (at 6:30) for a free performance and to celebrate the release of another milestone in my catalogue.' - Sam Wartenbee