11/4/2008 - Joshua Radin

Though he enjoyed singing during his childhood in Cleveland, OH, Joshua Radin never intended to be a professional musician. Instead, he studied drawing and painting at Northwestern University, following his college years with stints as an art teacher, screenwriter, and art gallery employee. Eventually, he took a stab at songwriting and played one of his early compositions, 'Winter,' for his friend Zach Braff. The burgeoning actor/director took an immediate liking to the song, and 'Winter' soon found its way onto Braff' TV show, Scrubs, in early 2004. After fans began to request more of his music, Radin decided to pursue a songwriting career and signed with Columbia Records, who issued his debut album We Were Here in 2006. Come see a free live performance by Joshua Radin live at CD WORLD on November 4th at 5:30pm and then catch him live at the WOW Hall later that night! His latest release Simple Times will be on sale!