9/3/2008 - Monte Negro,Astra Heights,The May Fire

The bilingual Los Angeles band Monte Negro plays an even mix of alternative rock and rock en espaol. The band began coming together when Mexican-American brothers Kinski Gallo (vocals) and Rodax (bass) formed the punk band Anima, which the L.A. press dubbed 'the Latino Red Hot Chili Peppers.' After the band broke up, Kinski and Rodax found guitarist Jason Li Shing and drummer Xavier Lopez and formed a new band, Madrepore, in 2003. As the band evolved, the brothers' Mexican heritage began playing a bigger role, so a name change was in order to mark this new sound. They became Monte Negro and released a series of EPs, including Amor Finito, which included 'Give Me Love (No Llores),' a song L.A. alt-rock radio station KROQ added to their playlist. In the summer of 2007 they released their debut album, Cicatrix, on the Adrenaline label. In early 2008 it was announced that the band had been signed to the major label Epic. Come see Monte Negro live for free at CD WORLD at 5:30 on 9/3/08 and pick up a copy of 'Cicatrix' on sale!

Astra Heights is the formation of three brothers who decided that they were going to write songs with melody as priority number one. Coming from a long line of musicians they are the 3rd generation in their family to pursue their musical talents and form a band. Come catch this up and coming band live at CD WORLD for free on 9/3/08!

'The May Fire is a relentlessly D.I.Y. act that can shift from grunge to indie to calculated and quirky, and then toss in a tune sung in Spanish just to keep listeners even more off balance.' - Guitar Player, 2008. Come catch this up and coming band live at CD WORLD for free on 9/3/08!

All three bands will be playing later that night on Sept 3rd at the WOW Hall in Eugene! Tickets on sale at CD WORLD!