3/29/2008 - Greyboy Allstars

What Happened to Television? reunites Greyboy with the band he and co-founder Karl Denson originally handpicked Robert Walter (keyboards), Elgin Park (aka Mike Andrews; guitar, vocals), Chris Stillwell (bass, vocals) and Zak Najor (drums, percussion, vocals) each of whom shared in the albums songwriting responsibilities. Television was written and recorded in about a weeks time, even though all of the writing took place during, rather than before, the groups reunion in the studio. No one was allowed to bring any ideas that they had in. We had to sit down and all create together, explains Elgin Park.

The album was recorded totally live, without the use of computers. What few edits were made were done by the old-fashioned technique of cutting tape by hand. Capturing the sounds when truly fresh was, in part, a nod to the spontaneous brilliance of the bands shows. But it was more a case of the music simply feeling great to everyone right away that allowed the recording to begin and be completed so quickly.

Come see Greyboy Allstars Saturday March 29th, 2008 at 2:00pm and pick up a copy of their latest release on sale!