8/22/2007 - Mike Last, Whitton, Dave Berry, Kelly Rudick

Whitton, California based, keeps touring to celebrate the release of her LIVE album 'Live N San Diego'. Heralded as having the spirit of a gypsy and the discipline of a solider, Whitton brings a quirky fairytale sublime to the real and raw everyday. Her surprising riffs and powerful turns punctuate her melodies with gusto. Described as 'Dirt Folk with a Touch of Honey', this must see musician fuses provocative sound like an ethereal mixture of Bjork, Rickie Lee Jones and Cocteau Twins.

Dave Berry is venturing back to his roots, returning to the acoustic therapy that got him into writing and performing to begin with. 'There's something about the freedom of knowing; all I need is my guitar...' 'My band Pufferbilly and our music will always be there, but life just suggests that this is the season for simplicity, getting back to basics, performing, writing, and living...' Dave & Pufferbilly were runners-up @ the 2007 Inland Empire Music Awards for 'for best out of area' band. The group was also chosen one of the top 100 bands on the west coast in the 2006 Discmakers/Billboard music competition.

Kelly Rudick and Mike Last (who normally mans the skins for local giants Dan Jones and the Squids) will be joining these songwriters in a songwriter showcase! Don't forget! August 22nd at 5:30pm only at CD WORLD!