6/13/2007 - Marianne Keith, Noah Sugarman, Peech

The story of Peech began in the fall of 2002 when Megan Osborn and Chelsea Lynn Dohemann, both incoming freshmen at the time, were assigned to share a living space through the housing system at California State University Chico. Although very diverse in personality, mannerisms, and even fashion sense, the girls found that they could connect on many levels, the strongest of which was their passion for performing and composing music. Wasting little time, the girls began sharing ideas and collaborating on a growing number of songs. And after putting together a short set list and deciding on a name, Peech began performing around town at local coffee shops. Word of the duo began to spread. As time went on, the girls' musical abilities improved exponentially and their new found maturity began to shine through in their compositions as well as their live performances. In the coming years, Peech proved that it didn't just come in one flavor. They delivered their music both acoustically and electrically, showing off an eclectic catalog of songs. But no matter what form the music took on, the band's ability to combine introspective lyrics with captivating vocal arrangements kept their fans coming back for more. Marianne Keith's soulful and powerful voice matches the passion in her songs, and it only gets better live. An experienced performer, Marianne has played at various venues throughout Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties. She was voted one of the top five artists in Orange County for Best Live Acoustic Female and won the Orange County Music Award, in the category of Best Country, for her song 'Make You Mine.' Recently signed to Unison Music, her new release was Produced by Bruce Witkin and Ryan Dorn, a combination that is, in her words, both dynamic and visionary. Those who see and hear Marianne agree that this is only the beginning of a long and promising career. Noah Sugarman hails from the great state of Kentucky where he studied jazz and classical guitar, as well as bluegrass, which is instilled in musicians from that region at a very young age. After 13 years of writing and performing 25 year old Noah Sugarman has created a genre trancending style all to it's own. With melody heavy lyrics from a big rythm and blues voice touching on deep subject matter, rythmic finger picking and beats that keep you guessing. Noah Sugarman's recordings and live shows are truly a sight to hear and see. Come see this acoustic showcase of artists on LA based label 'Unison Music' on June 13th at 5:30 pm for free!