1/6/2007 - Comforters

The Comforters are Pia and Jason Robbins. They live in the Eugene, Oregon with their dog, Walrus. They write sweet, melancholy pop tunes. He plays guitar and she sings. Walrus keeps them safe from the gang of wild turkeys that roams freely in their neighborhood. The Comforters's debut record, Transplants is a tastefully decorated home for nine tunes who have demonstrated that they can get along with each other for forty minutes at a go. 'We had to kick a couple of bullies outta the place', says Pia, 'they were pushing the others around.' 'We've worked hard on crafting a record that has a unified sound, explains Jason, 'even if we wander around stylistically. With Pia you know, she has such a beautiful voice that communicates so much, that it's just painting around that with sounds and textures.' The irony is that, while on the surface there is an air of tranquility and endless calm to the album, the songs reveal an unsettling dead-calm that is the backdrop to affairs, depression, heartbreak, alienation and yes, some negative things as well. 'It's true' says Pia, 'we do like to think we've found a way to put the 'forte' back in The Comforters.' Come see The Comforters live at CD WORLD on January 6th at 2 pm and pick up a copy of their latest release 'Transplants' on sale!