8/4/2006 - Halie Loren

Already a music world veteran at the age of 21, Alternative singer/songwriter Halie Loren has been performing professionally for eight years. After moving from an island in Alaska at age thirteen, she discovered a new world of music opportunities, and, a year later, songwriting. Regionally lauded as a rare talent, both as a singer and writer, she toured a plethora of Jazz and music clubs and festivals in the Northwest, opening for international acts and building a national fanbase along the way. At seventeen, Halie moved to Nashville to further pursue songwriting and industry experience, spending the next two years writing hundreds of songs, recording, and performing at venues like the Bluebird Caf, all before returning to Oregon for college. Rediscovering her love of the piano in the past year has greatly influenced the new artistry her music has adopted she is now performing as her own musician, and is currently recording her first solo album of new original material. Come see Halie live at CD WORLD for free on August 4th at 6:30 pm and pick up a copy of her latest CD on sale!