7/29/2006 - Ovulators

A silver streak illuminates the sky, as a glowing egg-shaped rocketship crashes to Earth. Four entities from planet Zygote emerge in a cloud of glitter. In order to elude Evil Forces of Repression who destroyed their home planet, they condense their bodies of sound and light into the shape of human females, becoming The Ovulators. By nature, Zygotians are evolutionary accelerators who emit audio frequencies that are strikingly similar to Earth rock music. Their powers are amplified by their flashy matching attire, which constantly morph to tell stories of transformation. Following their vibratory impulses, the four women find their way to Eugene, OR in Earth year 2002, where the local music style is akin to their indigenous language. As an embryonic band, The Ovulators attract audiences with incomparable music, laced with pop hooks and mesmerizing rhythms. Although they must hide from the Evil Forces who search for them, The Ovulators and their growing sonic alliance fear not. As they shine like a beacon through the damp fogs of the NorthWest, they risk destruction with every rock anthem. Their fame rises when they are cast as the house band for a local production of 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch', and win 'Best Dramatic Play of 2004' from the Eugene Weekly. That same year, the Register-Guard praises them for their 'unconventional musical sound' at the Willamette Valley Folk Festival. The love and adoration of their fans elevates them to 'Best Rock Band of Eugene' in 2005. Along their journey, The Ovulators movement has been catalyzed by playing with bands like Mike Watt & the Secondmen, 50 Foot Wave, Living Colour, The Gossip and The Lovemakers, and traveling to nearby cities to spread their vivacious style. In 2006, The Ovulators release their first full-length studio album which elicts a far-ranging spectrum of emotion: the tingle of a new experience, the longing for days gone by, the conundrum of love. With images of passion flowers, crop circles and nightclubs, their new self-titled CD is a ride through the modern age while giving glimpses of possible futuresyou wont want to miss it and be left behind. Come see the Ovulators live at CD WORLD on July 29th at 4 pm and pick up a copy of their debut CD on sale!