3/18/2006 - Frank Heinkel

Frank Heinkels second CD release What Remains When Everything Goes, is a unique and profound exploration of the modern definition of the didgeridoo and an open view into Franks thoughts and life experiences. From stunningly fast and complex rhythms, to haunting combinations of saxophone and didge, to gentle blends with the angelic harmonic tones of Tuvan throat singing, Frank pushes the didgeridoo to the edge redefining what is commonly thought of as just Australia's native instrument. Franks ability to weave subtle sonic textures with searing bursts of layered tones, opens your mind to a new definition of the complexities of the didgeridoo. The scope of this CD is truly phenomenal. It is something you need to experience to appreciate. Come see Frank live at CD WORLD on March 18th at 3:00 pm for free!