2/25/2006 - Cabinessence

Its not every day you hear something as fresh and familiar as Cabinessence. Call it what you will: psychedelic country, Pet Sounds meets Sweetheart of the Rodeo, plantation art-rock, or Glam Parsons. Its not country, but its not exactly not country, either. Rising from the ashes of Springfields stillborn power-pop outfit Marigold (Outpost Records), Jacob Arnold and Nathan Maricle have grown up, embraced their inner Merle Haggard and put together an alt-country band that would make Marc Bolan (T. Rex) proud. Drawing liberally from the varied textures of pop, folk, rock and country music, the sound is as familiar as it is invigorating, and with nods to every nook and cranny in the American pop music pantheon, its every record geeks wet dream. Come see Cabinessence live at CD WORLD free and pick up a copy of their debut album on sale!