1/14/2006 - Genus Pro

Genus Pro is a balanced blend of three unique and original emcees, Metric, Marv Ellis, and Elea'zar, who have been playing shows and consistently headlining throughout the Northwest region since the year 2002. Playing with the likes of KRS One, The Living Legends, Chuck D, Louis Logic, Mr. Lif, Hieruspecs, Crown City Rockers, Souls of Mischief, Lyrics Born, Scarub, Wisdom, and Atmosphere among others, and playing at some of the biggest venues around, these emcees/producers along with their Dj C4, have focused on delivering one of the most eclectic live shows around. Its conscious, upbeat, and progressive, with top notch cutting edge production, and rapid fire on the fly vocal creativity that defines their spot in the entire hiphop movement. Come catch them live at an all ages show at CD WORLD and pick up a copy of their latest release 'Extracts'!