10/24/2005 - Sage Francis

When he performs, Sage captures the attention of every coffee shop chick, punk rock kid and hip-hop purist in the room because they've never seen anyone rap with such conviction. Real people know that the top is the bottom, so Sage Francis speaks for all of us even if we think we disagree with him. He is an artist with an indiscribably convincing and honest quality in his work, so describing the music doesn't help. Whether it's books, rapping, reading poems, or serving ice cream, Sage Francis IS his art. To understand the music you must understand him, and to understand him is something none of us may ever accomplish...but at least we can listen to his records, and what we get out of it is for us. Come meet Sage Francis at CDWORLD and pick up a copy of hislatest CD 'Healthy Distrust'!