Item# 88985463062
Released: 7/21/2017
Category: Rap
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: SONY MUSIC (SNY)
Price: $15.99   (1 in stock)
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The preconceived notions of what a Tyler, The Creator album is gonna be like are plentiful well before you even press play. This has been both a boon and a hindrance to his career, tipping more to the boon side of the scale in what has become a viral habit of either hating or loving something based almost solely on your own personal internet culture and what your daily feed prompts you to feel about a certain subject. The 26-year-old rappers name has become synonymous with controversy that has put a stink on anything he touches. But like any other stink, seeking out the source of where its coming from is key.Music as a whole has switched from a beefy main course to bite-size finger snacks served on a platter designed to be used quickly and then recycled. The nibbling, parasitic influence of clickbait and pull quotes have made it so that the records themselves, which should be the main focus, are the least important element in an album cycle, taking a back burner to the buzz that surrounds them. With a few more years of actual living and growing under his belt since the release of his last album, 2015s Cherry Bomb,



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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
74136460392FOUK6/5/2017  Tyler The CreatorBastard (Mix Tape) - Vinyl$33.992-10 Days
74539537732GROO4/21/2017  Tyler The CreatorCherry Bomb$28.992-10 Days
11104883625USED7/15/2018  TYLER THE CREATORCHERRY BOMB$6.951-2 Days
88875084642SNY4/28/2015  TYLER THE CREATORCHERRY BOMB$15.991-2 Days
88985469051SNY12/1/2017  TYLER THE CREATORFLOWER BOY - VINYL$27.991-2 Days
63490405292XLR5/10/2011  TYLER THE CREATORGOBLIN$12.992-10 Days
88765453842SNY4/2/2013  TYLER THE CREATORWOLF$10.991-2 Days
11104883505USED7/15/2018  TYLER THE CREATORWOLF$6.951-2 Days