Item# 88807206388
Released: 7/27/2018
Category: Country
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: CONCORD JAZZ (COJ)
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Cody Jinks opens Lifers, his first Rounder Records release, with Holy Water, a passionate plea for a taste of holiness, so scarce in our increasingly unholy world. For Jinks, pure country music is as holy as the more strictly spiritual stuff. Also, when he salutes real-deal country folk with the albums title track, hes singing as much about himself as them. Hes lifer, and we all benefitfrom his artistic commitment. Jinks certainly knows his way around traditional country forms. The sounds on this album range from Cant Quit Enough, a track that closes out with the sort of instrumental fire weve come to expect from Sturgill Simpsons hotter performances, to the moody border western Desert Wind. Somewhere Between I Love You and Im Leavin is the sort of heart-wrenching ballad George Jones used to excel at. Jinks rich singing voice sounds right at home, no matter the sonic setting. The talented singer/songwriter gets more personal with Stranger, which grapples with the mysteries of self-identity, while Head Case faces mortality head-on. Whereas many of the songs preceding these two tracks are exercises in stylistic muscle-stretching, both Stranger and Head Case are instances of sincere heartfelt self-reflection.



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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
84512104644PCO8/12/2016  JINKS CODY30 (CAN)$16.992-10 Days
88829520705PCO8/12/2016  JINKS CODYADOBE SESSIONS$17.992-10 Days
75283044361THIR12/15/2017  JINKS CODYADOBE SESSIONS - VINYL$24.992-10 Days
84512106269PCO8/12/2016  JINKS CODYBLACKSHEEP (CAN)$16.992-10 Days
69685997014THIR8/12/2016  JINKS CODYI'M NOT THE DEVIL$12.991-2 Days
69685997015THIR10/7/2016  JINKS CODYI'M NOT THE DEVIL - VINYL$25.992-10 Days
88829565839RDI12/8/2017  JINKS CODYLESS WISE MODIFIED$14.991-2 Days
88807206389COJ7/27/2018  JINKS CODYLIFERS (GATE) - VINYL$26.991-2 Days