Item# 88807204800
Released: 3/23/2018
Category: Metal / Goth
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: CONCORD JAZZ (COJ)
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Used Future arrives this year to prove that panoramic, high-concept hard rock isnt dead or, if it is dead at our point in time-space, it at least maintains a vivacious existence in a universe right next door, or in a galaxy far, far away. In all the best ways, The Swords sixth full-length feels like a transmission from a techno-mystical cult who only communicate in frayed-denim guitar licks from forty-plus years ago. The album takes wing on the strength of a few heavy hitters Deadly Nightshade recalls all the seductive muscle of Mississippi Queen, Twilight Sunrise pumps up both the fuzz and the intensity, and The Wild Sky lulls with a long and stormy percussive intro before the clouds erupt into a positively thunderous midsection but Used Future really starts to shine after Intermezzo, when it opens into its more cinematically oriented posterior section (actually encompassing all but the records first ten minutes).Intermezzo itself is a brief, throbbing oddball break, not unlike Gojiras The Wild Healer from LEnfant Sauvage, but instead of lurching back into puffed-chest rock at tracks close, Sea of Green washes onto shore with breezy exotica before slinking toward a chill groove that builds into a rollicking central riff. The piano/synth melody of Nocturne would be the core theme of any lesser bands entire album (hell, the single gem in another bands entire discography), but The Sword only give it its space and then return to sunbathing on some imagined lunar beach with Dont Get Too Comfortable, a song that kicks it deeper than anything that came before (and most of what comes next). The title track is a catchy-as-hell ZZ Top twist n sway, and then we finally hear the track that birthed the albums Prelude and Reprise, the high-as-fuck cloud castle called Come and Gone. Book of Thoth rekindles the rock n roll spirit, but by the time Brown Mountain marches toward the albums conclusion, coming down from the rec



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