Item# 88807202325
Released: 4/7/2017
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: CONCORD JAZZ (COJ)
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Carl Newman's songwriting has always been immaculately constructed, and to the point of seeming mechanized. But on 2014's Brill Bruisers and, now, Whiteout Conditions, the New Pornographers's seventh album, it's no longer just Newman's compositions that sound like they were mathematically engineered by a highly intelligent computer program. The band's whole sound has become increasingly artificial-sounding, dominated by whizz-bang electronic bells and whistles and robotic vocal effects. While the band has always gussied up Newman's hooks with all manner of ear-candy window dressing, Whiteout Conditions is the first New Pornos album where the arrangements are just as much of a focal point as the melodies. The title track's DayGlo synths are as attention-grabbing as Newman's evocatively anxious, propulsive verses, putting most of the recent 1980s-throwback fetishists to shame. The arpeggiator, which the band first discovered on Brill Bruisers, is back with a vengeance, lacing nearly every track with inhumanly fast keyboard and vocal patterns. It ensures that even the dreamy We've Been Here Before, the closest Whiteout Conditions comes to something laidback, proceeds at nothing short of a manic pace, creating a fascinating dichotomy between tempo and atmosphere.


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