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Released: 10/5/2018
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
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Wanderer, her tenth album, can be heard as Marshalls own song of myself: inward-plumbing and expansive, wise and vulnerable. Marshall is strongest when applying layers of her spectral, unforgettable voice and incisive lyricism to recognizable conventions, then subtly twisting the structure from the inside. This happens on You Get, which unravels as soon as it digs into a groove; her vocals seem to mess with the time signature in a way the bouncy drums cant quite follow. Meanwhile, she sings: There is nothing like ti-i-i-ime/ To teach you where you have been, and were enraptured.In keeping with Marshalls songbook, she often sounds like shes singing to and with herself, conducting swirling, minor-key debates that no one else hears. Yet, Wanderer also includes messages of female solidarity and makes room for others voices. (She covers Rihanna! Gorgeously.) Woman stands out for its modulation and turbulence, the organ and drums continually rising, cresting, crashing as Marshall and Lana Del Rey chant, Woman, woman, woman through the chorus before stopping short. Its also just fun to hear these two artists, who have been saddled with sexist stereotypes from Beautiful Sufferer to Empty Canvas, croon, Doctor said I was better than ever/ Man, you shouldve seen meoffhandedly, yet with deadly aim.


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