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Released: 2/24/2017
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
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So now that we return to Longstreth five years out from releasing anything resembling new work, with the added sting of an ended relationship, a dissolved band, and a hyper-specific sound completely dashed, the matter of language feels as prevalent as ever. On Dirty Projectors (perhaps the first self-titled album whose eponymous name feels as if it were addressing the project in a separate, past tense), Longstreth makes some of the same strides that he did on Swing Lo Magellan towards reaching a simpler, more common musical vocabulary, negotiating the reality of fame and royalties with his longstanding quest for individuality. If Dirty Projectors R&B leanings were implied before, here they are blown out to bombastic levels of flair and personal drama, openly touting Longstreths newfound songwriting connections to artists like Rih Rih and Solange. In brief moments, Dirty Projectors feels like a great rediscovery, a path forward for the project that unifies Longstreths fetishistic eccentricity with his peculiar knack for the accessible.


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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
80139002172DOM6/9/2009  Dirty ProjectorsBitte Orca$13.992-10 Days
80139002842DOM9/28/2010  DIRTY PROJECTORSBITTE ORCA (BONUS CD) (DLX)$15.992-10 Days
88782803251DOM2/21/2017  DIRTY PROJECTORSDIRTY PROJECTORS - VINYL$24.992-10 Days
65660545322NAI4/5/2005  Dirty ProjectorsGetty Address$14.992-10 Days
11104354705USED6/12/2016  DIRTY PROJECTORSSWING LO MAGELLAN$6.951-2 Days
80139003122DOM7/10/2012  DIRTY PROJECTORSSWING LO MAGELLAN (OCRD)$14.992-10 Days