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Released: 3/10/2017
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: ATO - RED (ATOR)
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GarciaLive Volume Eight presents the Jerry Garcia Band's November 23rd, 1991 performance at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, WI. The fall '91 tour as a whole is widely regarded as one of Garcia's finest and this particular Saturday evening serves as a further testament to the legend. Fans in attendance at the Bradley Center braved an intense snowstorm and the audience's palpable energy and enthusiasm was a likely catalyst for this spirited performance. Keyboardist Melvin Seals summarized the group nicely stating 'That was the magic band. It's not that the other scenarios didn't work out but once we got to that level of the band with (drummer) Dave Kemper, John Kahn, Jerry, myself and the singers, Jackie (LaBranch) and Gloria (Jones) we all knew we had something special. That was the band.'


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