OLD 97'S
Item# 88088228912
Released: 2/24/2017
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: CAPITOL-UNI (CAPU)
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And so when it came time for the Old 97 s to record the follow-up to the highest-charting album of their career, 2014 s Most Messed Up, producer Vance Powell brought up the idea of returning to Tornillo. We knew instantly that it was the perfect move, says Miller. The result is the eleven songs of Graveyard Whistling, the eleventh studio album from the Old 97 s. Knowing that he wanted to consider as many options as possible, Miller handed over a huge pile of songs to the band; they whittled his thirty selections down to eleven. It grapples with spirituality and mortality, Rhett says. Our songs normally hide deeper meanings in the subtext, but they re more on the surface for this record.' The trick the Old 97 s have held on to is to take a song that may have a darker theme and present it as something to be screamed along to in a club. The emotional range and musical scope of Graveyard Whistling also benefits from the contributions of some remarkable co-writers including Brandi Carlile, Caitlin Rose, Nicole Atkins, and Butch Walker.


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