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Released: 3/16/2018
Category: Rap
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: INGROVES (ING)
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To celebrate his birthday, the incomparable MURS is set to drop his latest Strange Music album, A STRANGE JOURNEY INTO THE UNIMAGINABLE, on March 16th!With stellar production by Michael Seven Summers, MURS brings personally introspective and socially conscious lyricism to the fold while still maintaining his unique sense of humor, creating an album thats truly one of a kind. Heres your chance to pre-order your copy of MURS A STRANGE JOURNEY INTO THE UNIMAGINABLE featuring the singles G Lollipops, Powerful and Melancholy.This is the most important album of my career, Murs tells HipHopDX. It covers everything from grief to mumble rap. From My love for the block and To my love of comic con. And though the subject matter is diverse. Its all tied together by Sevens production. He built the entire soundscape around me. Its truly a Journey Into The unimaginable. For my fans and anyone looking for something unique and truly artistic.This is it! This wasnt built around ego or to garner a certain amount streams. This pure artistic expression. Its meant to touch the listener and latch on to them. To become a part of their journey. In an era of disposable art, my hope is that this album is proof that the spirit of true creativity is very much alive.



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