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Released: 4/13/2019
Category: RSD 2018
Media: Vinyl LP's
Record Label: OMNIVORE (OMN)
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THIS TITLE CANNOT BE PRE-ORDERED - AVAILABLE IN STORE ONLY 04-13-19 RSD TITLE 'In 1952, Guthrie wrote and recorded a song at home titled I Dont Like The Way This Worlds A-Treatin Me. The track appears on vinyl for the first time on a limited edition 10'' of the same name for Record Store Day 2019. Also found on this special release is a second version of the demo with new accompaniment from Wilcos Jeff Tweedy, who, along with Billy Bragg and Wilco, released a series of acclaimed albums featuring their interpretations of unearthed Guthrie lyrics. Mermaid Avenue, the first in the series, was nominated for a Grammy in 2000. If those two tracks werent enough, I Dont Like The Way This Worlds A-Treatin Me includes two versions of Beech Haven Aint My Home (aka Old Man Trump), whose lyrics were discovered within the Woody Guthrie Archives and chronicle the time the Guthrie family lived under landlord Fred Trump. As two drafts of the lyrics exist, the Riot-Folk Musicians Collectives Ryan Harvey combined them, with music composed by Johnny Irion (husband and musical partner of Woodys granddaughter Sarah Lee Guthrie). This release contains a version by Harvey featuring Ani DiFranco and Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine/Auidoslave), and another from Irions band U.S. Elevator. Available exclusively for Record Store Day as a 10'' EP, I Dont Like The Way This Worlds A-Treatin Me is not only an historic, but a musical document, released in conjunction and with full cooperation from the Woody Guthrie Archives. As stated in the albums notes: These songs were mostly written well over half a century ago, but they are songs for our times to be sure. It is truly time for this music to be heard.'

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Item# Label Media Released Artist Title Price Availability
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09307401002FOL2/18/1997  Guthrie WoodyThis Land Is Your Land$16.992-10 Days
11105003245USED12/20/2018  Guthrie WoodyThis Land Is Your Land 1$6.951-2 Days
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