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Released: 5/17/2019
Category: Rock & Pop
Media: Compact Discs
Record Label: MATADOR (MAT)
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Interpol have shared new track The Weekend and announced the upcoming EP A Fine Mess. Check out all details along with our interview with frontman Paul Banks below.After the surprise release of the title track A Fine Mess back in January, now the NYC trio have announced the release of a five track EP in the run-up to their packed summer festival schedule. The latest offering comes with The Weekend, another new track following on from the dark and raucous mood of 2018s acclaimed Marauder. These are all upbeat rockers, frontman Paul Banks told NME. Theyre not b-sides. Theyre all pretty rich rock songs with big choruses. Its all material that we can see being played in a club with people dancing. Sometimes when you turn on an Interpol record you expect people to not be dancing because its coming from a more pensive or melancholy place. This is a place rocking EP.As for the lyrics of the EP, Banks continued: Marauder was a little more reflective, and this ones more about taking the party by the horns. Maybe the lyrics are a little devious and mischievous. Theres no shame to that.


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74486111242MAT8/24/2018  INTERPOLMARAUDER$15.991-2 Days
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09463962472CAP7/10/2007  InterpolOur Love to Admire (SPKG)$24.992-10 Days
60255759650UMV8/18/2017  INTERPOLOUR LOVE TO ADMIRE (W/DVD) - VINYL$48.991-2 Days
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74486105452MAT8/20/2002  InterpolTurn On the Bright Lights$12.992-10 Days